Mar 14
Destination, Managed: Rockin' It in Music City

Nashville DMC Destination Managed

We're heading for the hills! Let's keep our "Destination, Managed" series rolling with a look at a recent program our Hello! Nashville team operated for a multinational tire manufacturing company.

The company was holding their annual conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center for a large group of their loyal dealers. With around 2,300 guests in attendance, it was important to the company that they showed their true appreciation for their dealers' hard work. We were competing with three other destination management companies (DMCs) for the program; one of which was the incumbent DMC that the company had a longstanding relationship with. To demonstrate the Hello! difference, we designed a custom and elaborate presentation to showcase our capabilities and dedication to achieving a highly successful (and memorable) event. After our presentation, the vote was unanimously in favor of working with Hello!.  

The Events

The program took place over four days, with four key events: A teambuilding event, welcome reception, middle night dinner and off-property show, and a final night gala. We provided all of the décor on-site for the entire conference, coordinated the off-site event at the Grand Ole Opry, and provided transportation and airport transfers. The entire program featured a very heavy emphasis on creative elements and custom décor.

Teambuilding Activity

The company wanted to begin their program with a unique teambuilding activity. Being in "Music City," what better way to welcome attendees to the area than with a "Rock 'n Roll Game Show?" 

Nashville DMC Teambuilding Activity

Welcome Night

The "Welcome Night" was a casual event on the exhibit floor where attendees were encouraged to eat, drink, relax, and mingle. Although guests would not be going downtown for any portion of the program, the company wanted to give them a little taste of the downtown Nashville experience. To achieve that goal and transform the exhibit space into something more comfortable, we created life-size replicas of some of the most famous honkey-tonks on the famous Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville. The facades were custom-built for the program, taking 4-5 months in order to fully fabricate. We also built a custom neon entrance piece to welcome guests to what was sure to be a fun-filled evening.

Nashville DMC Welcome Night

Nashville DMC Welcome Night 2

Grand Ole Opry Night

The night began with a dinner at the Opryland. The company wanted to focus on the food and entertainment, so we created custom buffet signage and used a variety of entertainers. An acoustic trio played during dinner to set the mood while country music star impersonators such as Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Eric Church, and more roamed throughout the space to greet guests. To build excitement for the night's main event, we also created custom signage with Grand Ole Opry facts strategically placed throughout the dinner space.

When dinner was finished, guests were invited to walk through a custom replica of the famous Grand Ole Opry barn doors and head to the buses for transportation to a private showing at the Opry. To accommodate a group of this size, we had 12 motor coaches on a continuous rotation, loading three buses simultaneously. To ensure everyone made it the Grand Ole Opry as quickly as possible, three new buses would arrive every three minutes to transport guests to the venue. Of course, who better to keep guests entertained while they waited, and welcome them to the Opry, than our highly entertaining group of impersonators?

Nashville DMC Grand Ole Opry Night

Nashville DMC Grand Ole Opry Night 2

Gala Night

After a successful few days, it was time for the farewell dinner. Traditionally a more formal event, the company wanted to close out their time together with a real WOW factor. To achieve that, we made sure that upgraded linens and chairs covered the space with soft ambient lighting for the centerpieces. To top it all off, the company brought in a famous chart-topper to perform for the group of awe-struck guests.

Nashville DMC Gala Night 1

Nashville DMC Gala Night 2

The Challenges

Given that the company was a tire manufacturer, all transportation for the program (private vehicles and large buses) needed to run on their tires. Since our transportation partner did not have a way to change the bus tires at their on-site facility, the vehicles needed to be taken out of rotation in order to have their tires changed at the company's local service center. This presented a unique challenge and required a great deal of communication between the company, our third-party client, our transportation partner, and the company's local service center in order to be successful.

In addition to the transportation challenge, hotel events took place at the Opryland's Ryman Exhibit Hall; the largest non-gaming hotel exhibit space in the world. Our teams continuously walked throughout the 260,000 square feet of space to ensure everything was being executed flawlessly. Two of the after-hours events also took place in the hall, so we had to transform the existing tradeshow arrangement into a space more suitable for relaxing and networking, with very limited time for set up.  

The Result

Our client gave us five out of five stars on our post-event survey and said it was the most well-executed conference to date for them. This was quite an accomplishment, considering we were not the favorites to win the program during the bidding process.

But what can we say? Destination, Managed. 

Feb 23
American Heart Month: Let's Get Moving!

​Your guests don't want to be bored, and that's not exactly your goal either. Be the hero of your next meeting or conference by incorporating some of these heart-healthy and unique exercises to get your guests' blood pumping and break the boredom barrier.

Heli Yoga (Hello! Las Vegas)

Hello! Las Vegas DMC Heli Yoga

Welcome to the most exclusive yoga experience you'll ever have. Guests begin their adventure by boarding a helicopter and taking in a birds-eye view of a beautiful desert valley. After landing, guests begin their 75-minute private yoga session. The session is adaptable to all skill levels and includes a custom playlist and instructions transmitted through wireless headphones. Once the session has concluded, guests are whisked away on the helicopter back to the Las Vegas terminal, but not before an aerial tour of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Field Day at The Star (Hello! Texas)

Hello! Texas DMC Field Day 1

A leading pharmaceutical corporation wanted their guests to have a "field day" (literally!) during their visit to Dallas. This particular program was heavily focused on meetings and content, so our client wanted to give their attendees a break off-property while encouraging some friendly competition between the teams. After sourcing several venues, a perfect match came to mind—the Ford Center at The Star, where none other than the Dallas Cowboys train. What an ideal way for a group of driven and competitive sales teams to blow off some steam after a full conference day!

The official DJ and emcee for the Dallas Cowboys were waiting for our guests as they descended upon the field. "I'M IN" was the theme of their meeting, so it was also woven throughout the Field Day event. After seeing our custom "I'M IN EAST" vs. "I'M IN WEST" signage, it quickly became clear that it was GAME ON for our attendees! Guests passed, ran, sank, and outsmarted their way to achieving gold coins at each of the various sports activities.

After all was said and done, the "West" won bragging rights as the Field Day champions while our clients left that night saying it was the best program they'd ever had for their division.

Hello! Texas DMC Field Day 2

Hello! Texas Field Day 3

Yoga with the Dolphins (Hello! Las Vegas)

Hello! Las Vegas DMC Yoga with Dolphins

Find balance and harmony while doing yoga poses among the dolphins! Your guests will have exclusive use of the underwater dolphin viewing area of Sigfried and Roy's Dolphin Habitat, where they will have a private one-hour yoga session with a certified instructor. Curious dolphins will glide past and peer through the viewing windows, creating a magical background to your experience.

Beach Olympics (Hello! Florida - South)

Hello! Florida South DMC Beach Olympics

Our client wanted a fun teambuilding event with games that were not too physically challenging, but allowed their guests to get some fresh air on the beach. They selected the following five activities from a myriad of options for their afternoon fun in the sand: 

  1. Obstacle Course: Run, jump, leap over hurdles, and step in and out of inner tubes as you race to the finish line
  2. Water Bomb: Bombs away! Make sure you catch the "water bombs" from this three-person slingshot before they hit the ground
  3. Beach Scrabble: A new kind of buried treasure! Teams have one minute to search for buried letters in the sand and then make as many words as they can
  4. Dodge Ball: Who doesn't love this favorite childhood pastime?
  5. Tug of War: The two rival teams literally dug their heels in to tug it out for the ultimate bragging rights

The guests were thrilled with the opportunity to get their blood flowing while feeling the sand in their toes on a beautiful South Florida beach.

If the idea of these activities at your next event makes your heart race, be sure to contact us for more information. 

Feb 23
Program Primer: Sake 'N Shine

Hello! DMC Morimoto Asia and Homecomin'

Today we're giving a quick primer on our "Sake 'N Shine" program, a rockin' block party at two of the hottest restaurants in Orlando's Disney Springs – Morimoto Asia and Homecomin'. Featuring the fusion of Asian and Southern Homestyle cooking, guests are invited to relax with appetizers, dinner, drinks, and a variety of entertainment as East meets West.

Sake 'N Shine Outside View

Morimoto Asia is Iron Chef Morimoto's first-ever pan-Asian restaurant, showcasing a variety of mouthwatering dishes from Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand. "I'm very excited to bring this new concept to Disney, something I've always dreamed of," said Chef Morimoto. "It's a wonderful chance to share some of my favorite foods from across the Asian continent." Morimoto Asia features waterside seating, terraces, a grand hall, and a cocktail lounge.

Morimoto Asia Inside View

Just across the way is Homecomin' – the Walt Disney World's Resort's only restaurant paying homage to Florida's rich cultural heritage by highlighting local ingredients and farm-to-table cuisine. Celebrity Chef Art Smith's family has called Florida home for six generations. The name Homecomin' is actually a nod to Chef Art's return to Walt Disney World after his first cast role in The Magic Kingdom College Program in 1981 (now known as the Walt Disney World College Program). Chef Art has spent many years traveling, cooking award-winning meals for celebrities, and opening incredible restaurants across the country. But to him, Florida is home, and he's come back to share some of his favorite Florida dishes.

Homecomin' Inside View

With a maximum capacity of 1,200 guests, this block party can easily fit most groups. After a long day, attendees will arrive to hand-selected passed hors d'oeuvres and drinks, followed by robust buffets featuring such delights as shrimp and grits and fried chicken at Homecomin' along with carved Peking duck and dumplings at Morimoto Asia.

Sake 'N Shine Welcome Arrival

Sake 'N Shine Food Service

For more information on Morimoto Asia, Homecomin', or our "Sake 'N Shine" program, please contact Hello! Florida Senior Vice President/General Manager Vic Laxson at or 407.674.3002.     

Feb 23
Destination, Managed: Miami International Boat Show & Miami Yacht Show

Destination, Managed Banner

The Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show are two of the largest boat shows in the world, featuring over 1,400 new boats, yachts, catamarans, and thousands of boating accessories. For February's edition of our "Destination, Managed" series, we'll take an in-depth look at how our Hello! Florida (South) team managed the transportation and logistics for these annual events. 

The Events

Hello! Florida (South) provided all of the logistical planning, vehicles, and transportation staff for the Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show. The Miami International Boat Show was located on Virginia Key at Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin while the Miami Yacht Show was showcased on Miami Beach's Collins Avenue. Both of these highly popular shows operated simultaneously over a five-day period.

Destination, Managed The Events

The Challenges

Our client wanted the right transportation, at the right places, with consistency between wait times across the shows (which needed to be minimal). The shows needed to not only be accessible, but convenient for their attendees. Hospitality was also a key objective—friendly, warm staff greeting their guests and providing a good customer experience. It was important to Hello! Florida and our client that their guests felt like they were getting good service from us as well as the shows. With so many people descending upon Miami, crowd control was another goal that would certainly present a challenge.

The Boat Show has been produced since 1969, yet Virginia Key was only very recently incorporated as its primary location—an island with very limited infrastructure for transportation. Since the Boat Show has the economic impact of two-and-a-half Super Bowls on the city of Miami, detailed communication and coordination between our team, the boat shows' leaders, Miami Dade Police, and other city personnel was absolutely essential.

To ensure perfect execution and service, our teams performed "dry-runs" with the drivers across all five routes and held two half-day staff briefings in order to prepare. This gave us the opportunity to pass out packets of necessary information and answer all questions about the event. To accomplish crowd control, we set up tents, formed line systems, and even used staff as human arrows. Our team also worked closely with the city police to control the traffic flow coming off of the island.

Destination, Managed The Challenges

The Result

Hello! Florida (South) operated five routes for a 10-hour period each day, transferring over 85,000 people throughout the shows from multiple lots that were spread throughout the heavily congested city of Miami. On peak days, our team managed 66 vehicles as well as 53 staff members. We received countless compliments on how efficient and organized the transportation was, as well as how helpful and knowledgeable our staff were. The team's skillful communication and coordination between our client, city leaders, local police, and event staff ensured yet another exceptional guest experience that Hello! Florida is known for.

Destination, Managed.

Hello! Destination Management Company Fun Group Photo

Feb 08
Dining Innovation at The Phoenician

Hello! Tomorrow

Innovation. It's what excites us. It defines us as one of the leading DMCs in the country and it's at the core of our Hello! Tomorrow series. This month we're featuring our "Dining Innovation at The Phoenician" program, which is nominated for an Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) award for "Excellence in Technology Integration." 

LED Table Top 1

Hello! Arizona recently produced a dinner for members of a luxury-lifestyle magazine in the Canyon Suites at The Phoenician resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Canyon Suites were newly renovated, and The Phoenician wanted to showcase the new foyer and outdoor patio, highlight the on-property restaurants, and completely WOW their guests. We had to ask, "How do we create something that's never been seen or done, for VIP guests who have seen and done almost everything?"

To create a dinner for elite guests that would highlight the contemporary luxury of the Canyon Suites, we thought outside the realm of a traditional dinner. Instead of using products already available, we wanted to innovate and produce something completely new. We decided to create an eight-course interactive dining experience featuring an LED table top that would display graphics to match each course of the dinner, along with a program that synchronized the graphic changes with white glove dinner service. The table featured LED screens that linked together to create seamless graphics. We finished the astonishing display with square mirrored vases that were filled with white hydrangea and various sized succulents to tie the very modern table into the desert landscape.

LED Table Top 2

We worked with a production company and the resort to completely plan, design, and synchronize the dining experience. The opening video was The Phoenician logo and a scrolling message welcoming them to The Phoenician's Canyon Suites. Chefs presented each course, after which the servers (in unison) would place the plate on the LED table and the animation for that course would begin. The animations were based on the placement of the plates—some swirled around, some grew like flourishes, and some were themed background for that course (such as smoke and flames for steak). The video graphics were inspired by the actual menu items, such as using a fire graphic with a Phoenician logo overlay for hot soup, then turning the fire into hot coals for the grilled prawns course, making it seem as if the prawns were being grilled on the spot. Once a course was cleared the table transitioned to a black screen with The Phoenician logo, allowing for a drastic change each time the next course was set. The dinner continued until the encore: a lollipop garden that was "celebrated" with graphics of fireworks. Since each course represented a specific department or restaurant at The Phoenician, to help differentiate them we used a local musician to play four genres of music that changed with each course: Contemporary, Rock 'n Roll, Top 40, and Jazz. For the lollipop garden encore with the fireworks graphics, the musician closed with Katie Perry's "Fireworks."

LED Table Top 3

The event was an overall success. Through their ingenuity, Hello! Arizona was able to deliver something unexpected to guests who thought they'd seen everything. We're honored to be nominated for an ADMEI award, and look forward to the awards gala in Chicago on February 10! 

Jan 29
Destination, Managed: IPW

Destination Managed Header

Our passion is producing extraordinary events while ensuring a worry-free experience for our clients. But what really goes on behind closed doors? In our "Destination, Managed" series we're pulling back the curtain to show just how Hello! Destination Management overcomes obstacles to make a great deal of effort look effortless. We'll begin our series by featuring the IPW Opening Night Event, which is nominated for "Best Achievement in Logistics" and "Best Event Produced for a Corporation or Association: Budget Above $500,000" Gala Awards from Special Events Magazine, as well as an ADMEI award for "Excellence in Risk & Crisis Management."

The Event

In June 2017, Hello! Washington, D.C. produced a three-hour opening night concert at the IPW conference for 6,500 invited VIP guests and 1,500 public attendees at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. We were asked to create an experience that presented America in a way that the conference's international guests had not experienced before. To achieve our client's objectives, we worked extensively with the National Park Service (NPS) to do something that had never been done before—close the National Mall of the United States for a private event. The event overlooked the U.S. Capitol Building and included a myriad of performances that celebrated the American experience, from dance companies to a final performance by Aloe Blacc. 

The Challenges

Our client wanted to showcase America on its front yard—the National Mall. However, the NPS has deemed the National Mall strictly off-limits for private events. The solution was to make the event partially public and partially private, essentially doubling our initial proposed footprint and logistical plan. We began drawing up plans to ensure proper segmentation and security according to the requirements of the NPS. Several months later we were informed that the requirements had changed due to a shift in the NPS leadership and presidential administration. We were back to square one as all of our plans had to be re-written. 

As we drew closer to the date, we needed scale drawings of the Mall in order to properly plan for the event and mitigate any risk. Yet, since the National Mall stands between some of the most visited and secure buildings in the U.S., scale drawings of the Mall were unavailable. Not to be deterred, our teams meticulously hand-measured where every electrical box, tree, road, pathway, trash can, and bench was located in order to create our own scaled map. Every inch of the mall was covered, with all elements of the plan represented.  

With this event, we needed to have laser focus to ensure we timed everything perfectly. The National Mall has hosted events before, but they have always been public events with many days' worth of load-in time. We had exactly 48 hours from being granted access to the Mall to be completely out. This required us to be incredibly detailed in the load-in process, and many of our items could not be installed at the same time as each other. Since the barricades and fencing bordered areas that were still open to the public, including one of the Smithsonian museums, we needed to wait until a few hours before the event to install the lighting, audio, and food service equipment, as well as security sweep the area. We did not have any room, or time, for error.

IPW Stage

The Result

Overall, our teams successfully organized and managed a staggering number of security and personnel: Over one mile of barricades, nearly a mile of fence, over 20 different government agencies, 65 NPS officers, and private security. We also designed and rendered all production elements, produced the concert's audio visual, and managed the entertainment. After months of planning with a highly skilled team, we achieved what was previously thought impossible and produced the first-ever private event on the National Mall.

Destination, Managed.

Jan 26
Creative VIP Transportation

Hello! Tomorrow

Every December, college football heads to Miami, Florida for the Capital One® Orange Bowl. From 2015 to 2017, Hello! Destination Management has earned the opportunity to provide local transportation for guests' VIP experience while in town for the annual event. Our goal has been to provide a fun way to get around Miami that also showcases Capital One's reputation as an innovative leader. To achieve the perfect solution, our Hello! Florida (South) team partners with Freebee, a provider of eco-friendly, electric transportation that offers just the kind of unique, alternative way to see Miami we're looking for. 

Capital One Fleet

With these fuel-efficient vehicles, all of the energy is on the inside – bouncing music, enthusiastic drivers, and open-air views of Miami. VIP guests have the luxury of their own personal use of the rides during designated times, while the cars operate on their usual app system, offering free, clean energy rides to the general public when not in use by the VIPs. Completely branded from roof to trunk, these vehicles rolled through the streets of South Beach during one of the busiest times of the year for all to see. As a supporter of clean energy, Hello!'s innovative solution achieved the goals of our client while simultaneously contributing to local environmentally-conscious initiatives and providing guests with a memorable experience they won't soon forget. 

Car Close Up

Jan 24
Five Hottest Event Trends for 2018

Feature Photo

Our creative professionals have compiled the five hottest trends to look for in 2018. From bold and interactive to soft and trendy, here's what you'll see being featured at this year's events.

Trend #1: Textiles


Give your guests something they can feel by using textiles such as velvet or concrete. Hello! Florida (Central) Executive Producer and Department Director Janice Dowling says, "Velvet is a soft fabric that's here to stay. It's now available in many colors and brings a touch of luxe that doesn't feel over the top while elevating any setting." Looking for something a little edgy? "Concrete brings modern style to any environment and can double as a symbol of strength," Dowling explains. 

​Trend #2: Go Bold  

Last year brought a wave of change around the world that will continue to reshape our cultural zeitgeist. In this age of empowerment, brands are evolving by encouraging new customers to find their voice and this trend is trickling over to the corporate event world. Cameron Rust, National Asset Manager - Branding, says, "Expect to see disruptive new technology integrations like augmented reality that drive deeper attendee engagement. You'll also see bold uses of color, like the Pantone® 2018 color of the year, Ultraviolet, that celebrates creativity and a strong point of view." Rust continues, "Of course, at Hello!, purple is always our color of the year, but nevertheless, 2018 is the year of being big, bright, beautiful, and emboldened."

Pantone Color of the Year

Trend #3: Interactive Food and Beverage Entertainment

To truly surprise and delight your guests, Hello! Florida (South) Executive Producer and Department Director Vanessa Lopez suggests using interactive food and beverage entertainment. "A cutting edge option is to use a pair of radio-controlled quadcopters that are outfitted with 12-inch suspended silver serving trays and piloted through the event space by professional RC pilots. Guests are shocked and awed by this one-of-a-kind aerial appetizer or dessert food service," she says.

Lopez also recommends using stunning Napkin Ladies to astonish guests. "These ladies wear glamorous dresses woven completely from removable cocktail napkins. The Napkin Ladies accompany passed appetizers and strike poses that offer guests napkins from their dresses. With dresses that are fully color-customizable, Napkin Ladies can also pour wine with waiters during dining.

Trend #4: Geo Shapes

Geo shapes

Dowling also pinpoints geo shapes as the perfect way to incorporate prints into a table design. "Most of the prints out there lean toward a certain style; florals are too feminine, damask can feel too classic, and many others are way too themed," she says. Geo shapes bring a print that is bold and versatile. The trend also flows into containers and furnishings, which add a playful detail to an otherwise basic item.

Trend #5: Designer Cocktails

A selfie never tasted so good! The selfie trend is expanding to become the garnish on guests' cocktails with edible photographs. Katie Simcock, Event Designer/Producer for Hello! Washington, D.C. describes the designer cocktail trend: "A new era of mixology has arrived with designer cocktails that become part of your guests' experience for the evening. A cocktail is no longer just a cocktail, but an experience. From flower-infused ice cubes and on-site ice chipping to Frosé Bars, the traditional cocktail transforms into a unique and custom drink for your guests.”

Jan 17
Hello! Nominated for Three Gala Awards and Six ADMEI Awards!

Give Kids Header

Give Kids the World Black & White Gala

Hello! Destination Management is honored to be nominated for three Gala Awards by Special Events Magazine, as well as six awards by the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI). Here's a look at the events that snagged a nod for some of the industry's most prestigious awards. 

Give Kids the World Black & White Gala, Hello! Florida (Central)

Nominated for:

  • Gala Award: Best Theatrical Entertainment Production
  • ADMEI Achievement Award: Best Public Event

In September 2016, Give Kids the World hosted its annual fundraiser, Give Kids the World Black and White Gala, for 1,400 attendees at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Orlando, Florida. Hello! Florida produced the black tie event, which featured a "Pirates and Princesses" theme complete with lavish food and décor with a custom show that swept guests away to a far off kingdom for the birthday party of a royal princess. Filled with sword fighting, extravagant ball gowns, and even buried treasure, this grand adventure raised much-needed funds for an amazing nonprofit where happiness inspires hope for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Give Kids the World

IPW Opening Night Event, Hello! Washington, D.C.

Nominated for:

  • Gala Award: Best Achievement in Logistics
  • Gala Award: Best Event Produced for a Corporation or Association: Budget Above $500,000
  • ADMEI Achievement Award: Best Public Event

In June 2017, Hello! Washington, D.C. produced the opening night concert of the IPW conference for 6,500 invited VIP guests and 1,500 public attendees. This event showcased Washington, D.C. and the United States in the first-ever private event held on the National Mall. With beautiful sunset views of the United States Capitol as the background, attendees were treated to a fully catered concert with Aloe Blacc and other performers. Hello! Washington, D.C. worked with 20 different departments in the U.S. government to plan and execute a secure event as they closed off one of the busiest streets in the country. IPW

A Journey Through the Desert Landscape, Hello! Arizona

Nominated for:

  • ADMEI Achievement Award: Best Innovative Events $50,001 - $100,000

In January 2017, Hello! Arizona produced the final event for a global management consulting firm's "All-Hands Meeting" for 800 international guests at The Phoenician resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the course of the night, Hello! Arizona took guests on a journey through the elements that make Scottsdale an ideal destination—the hidden luxury of the desert landscape, the laid back Western charm, and the vibrant, budding local culture. From the elegant reception and dinner, to the after-party featuring Silent DJ headphones as well as a band, guests left the event with the desert warmth running through their veins.  Hello! Arizona Event

RE-INVENT the Night, Hello! Las Vegas

Nominated for:

  • ADMEI Achievement Award: Best Innovative Events $100,001 - $200,000

In May 2017, a worldwide leading provider of software solutions hosted 1,600 attendees at their "Reinvent Customer Service" conference at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. During the welcome night reception, Hello! Las Vegas brought three different themes to life in front of guests' eyes over the course of the evening. What started as a traditional Vintage Vegas-themed event morphed into a fluorescent 1980s wonderland, and finally into a techno electronic fantasyland. As each theme took over the space, performers captivated guests with dazzling performances and interactive elements. The traditional corporate event format was cast aside as Hello! Las Vegas Reinvented the Night!Re-Invent the Night

Mysterious Masquerade Ball, Hello! Texas

Nominated for:

  • ADMEI Achievement Award: Best Innovative Events $100,001 - $200,000

In February 2017, Hello! Texas produced a Masquerade-themed event for 1,700 employees of a Fortune 500 clinical laboratory services corporation at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. Guests chose their perfect mask at interactive stations during the day. The night's event featured luxurious décor that transformed the room into a masquerade ball and included over eight different table décor and soft seating looks with custom centerpieces. Crystal chandeliers glittered overhead while large swags of velvety drapes hung from the ceiling. Attendees were swept into a mysterious world where, for a few hours, co-workers could mask their identity and meet for the first time.  Masquerade Ball

Dining Innovation at The Phoenician, Hello! Arizona

Nominated for:

  • ADMEI Excellence Award: Excellence in Technology Integration

In December 2016, Hello! Arizona produced a dinner for 24 members of a luxury-lifestyle magazine in the Canyon Suites at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona. To create a high-end experience that was truly unique, Hello! Arizona created an eight-course interactive dining experience featuring an LED table top that displayed graphics to match each course of the dinner. From swirling animations to graphics that grew like flourishes, each was synchronized to the elegant white glove dinner service. Through their ingenuity, Hello! Arizona was able to deliver something unexpected to guests who thought they'd seen everything.Dining Innovation

We look forward to the Gala Award results on February 1 and the ADMEI Award results on February 10!

Jan 09
Hello!'s Holiday Cheer

Hello Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is all about the spirit of giving; being thankful for what you have and reaching out to help those less fortunate. Our Hello! Destination Management teams partnered with some of our favorite charitable organizations this past December to spread joy and cheer during this magical time of year. From Christmas Angels to toy drives and fun nights for at-risk youth, our Hello! family across the U.S. opened their hearts in a big way to help make dreams come true.

Hello! Arizona and The Salvation Army

The Hello! Arizona team gathered to participate in the annual Christmas Angel program, sponsored by a local Arizona television station and The Salvation Army. The team shopped for 12 children in need and fulfilled their holiday wish lists. From bicycles to Easy-Bake ovens, the team searched high and low in local Arizona stores to make every child's Santa list come true. Hello! Arizona was so excited to participate in this wonderful Phoenix/Scottsdale tradition, which has been providing children in need with Christmas smiles for over 30 years.

Hello Arizona Photo 1Hello Arizona Photo 2

Hello! Florida (Central), Mears Transportation Group, and Robert Half

Hello! Florida (Central) joined Mears Transportation Group to assist Robert Half in their Holiday Toy Drive to benefit the local Boys & Girls Clubs. Numerous team members brought new, unwrapped toy items for children ages 5-7. The children received so much support, we not only filled the box, it overflowed! Robert Half was able to hand-select 2,500 toys and fill over 200 bags for all of the children attending the Holiday Toy Celebration on Saturday, December 9 at our local Orlando Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club. Since Robert Half began working with the Boys & Girls Clubs, their annual toy drive and holiday party has touched the lives of 3,000 club members. We were overjoyed to join Robert Half in ensuring that each child's holiday was extra special.

In addition to our work with Robert Half, Mears and Hello! Florida (Central) also held a Holiday Raffle Drawing in which all proceeds went to benefit The Russell Home for Atypical Children, a non-profit organization that cares for brain-damaged children who would otherwise be institutionalized.

Hello! Florida (South) and Covenant House

Kim Davis, Hello! Florida Account Executive, and Lauren Berbusse, Hello! Florida Account Manager, participated in a December Kids' Fun Night at the Covenant House in Fort Lauderdale. Along with their location in Orlando, Covenant House Florida serves runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth under 21, including teen parents and their babies. Each year Covenant House Florida reaches hundreds of kids via street outreach, crisis shelters, transitional housing projects, and aftercare, making it one of the largest private agencies serving runaway and homeless youth in the state of Florida. The Kids' Fun Night attended by Kim and Lauren featured holiday karaoke and ornament painting. They had a fantastic time at the event and it was such a joy to see the kids escape from their challenging circumstances for a while and have fun just being a kid again.

Covenant House

Hello! Las Vegas and the "Fill-A-Bag with Cheer" Program

As part of their annual tradition, Hello! Las Vegas participated in the Las Vegas Hospitality Association's (LVHA) "Fill-A-Bag with Cheer" program. Conceived and implemented in 2008 in conjunction with the Clark County School District, each year LVHA chooses a local elementary school with a large number of underprivileged children. The chosen school then provides LVHA with a list of students who can benefit from the program. Each LVHA member has the opportunity to "adopt" one or more children from the school and provide them with holiday gifts. LVHA and its members host a party and personally deliver their "Bags of Cheer" to the children. The program has grown to support over 300 underprivileged children in its short history and truly brings the holiday spirit to all involved.

It's been our pleasure to partner with these worthy organizations this past Holiday Season and we look forward to contributing even more in the future. For more information about how you can help, please visit:

The Salvation Army:

Robert Half (Inquire About Their Toy Drive):

The Russell Home for Atypical Children:

Covenant House Florida:

Las Vegas Hospitality Association:

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