​They say "a picture’s worth 1000 words"… so here’s the story behind this one!

Jaguar and Land Rover celebrated their new vehicle lineup with a reception for 250 dealers at the newly-completed Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek. Hello! created a two-part event that celebrated the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, which were in town as part of a larger automobile show at the Orange County Convention Center. Each year, dozens of auto companies come to Orlando to showcase their newest vehicle lineup. As you can imagine, with the advertising-heavy nature of the industry, branding and imaging were paramount to the end client, and was integrated into the entire DNA of the event.


The first part of the event was a car reveal that we created in coordination with the hotel. In contrast to normal entertainment components that involve people, this involved hundreds of thousands of dollars in premium vehicles, that needed to be cleverly choreographed and managed to appear when they were supposed to, and be out of sight when they weren’t.


For this part of the experience, we assembled a tent on the convention bus loop of the property. This provided a long flat paved surface for the vehicles to enter and exit the property, while being close to the pool where the after-party was taking place. The tent contained walls on only one side, to facilitate the moving of the guests and vendors into the tent. Given the time of year, the primary function of the tent was for shade, to allow for the use of theatrical lighting and projection to aide in the vehicles’ reveal.  On the tent’s only wall side, we removed one of the panels in the center, to allow for rear projection on a large projection screen that displayed I-MAG video and company branding.


The other long side was open to allow the guests to travel in and out of the tent. The two smaller sides were open to allow the vehicles to drive in and out of the tent. Even though the tent was going to feature vehicles driving in and out of it, we wanted the experience to seem like a red carpet event, so what better way than to create a red carpet entrance? We covered the entire driveway and tent interior with bright red carpet. This both created a VIP look for the tent, but also heightened the excitement when the cars drove right onto the carpet. Before the event, we staged all of the cars in order at a secluded wooded area of the property, out of guest view, which allowed them to seamlessly enter the space at the appropriate time.

We also created a custom-engineered reflective black ramped stage that we reinforced to withstand the weight of each vehicle being shown. Not only did the vehicles drive on the red carpet, but they took center stage as well. The ramp was specifically-designed to have a slope that allowed the vehicles, some of which were very low to the ground, to drive up without dragging. Theatrical LED moving fixtures hung inside the tent helped to heighten the mood of the experience, while red uplights on palm trees and moving lights on truss placed along the driveway helped up to illuminate the vehicles as they approached and exited to focus the guests’ attention.


After the car reveal, the guest walked down a short path to the pool area, where the second half of the experience began. The client wanted the evening to celebrate both brands, so we strategically placed branding in several different areas to complement each company. The client wanted a sleek, elegant white party look for the event, which worked perfectly in the resort’s modern pool area. At the entrance of the pool, we featured white glowing light boxes that we covered with the Jaguar and Land Rover logos, welcoming guests to this private pool event. The pool area features several faux grass-covered elevated platforms around the perimeter, which we used to showcase vehicles that had been revealed earlier. These platforms are not normally accessible from the pool area, but we created custom-build step units that blended into the resort’s existing architecture to allow guests to walk up and pose for photos with the vehicles. This allowed the guest to get engaged in the brand and get excited about the new vehicles. Large white spandex sails were used to showcase logo gobos that represented each brand.


The existing white cabanas present at the hotel worked perfectly with the theme, and were the perfect location for sleek white soft seating and glowing white end tables. This created a great spot for guest networking. White uplights dotted the perimeter of the space on palm trees, and complemented the white in-pool lights, adding necessary illumination to the space. Theatrical lighting was used to showcase the vehicles and make them the star of the evening. The vehicles selected were white as well, complementing the pool event’s theme. We also included white glowing cocktail tables with clear acrylic and chrome stools. The modern finish of the furniture complemented the modern chrome details of the cars. As a single pop of color, centerpieces were added to the tables that featured white rectangular vessels with peach-colored orchids. This added just the right amount of tropical atmosphere without distracting from the event’s messaging.


Because the event took place in February, it was important to the client to keep the guests comfortable and warm, so we added modern white lampshade-inspired heaters that acted as functional décor, as well as fire pits that doubled as coffee tables for white leather seating. Both
sections of the event celebrated the Jaguar and Land Rover brand, and were able
to showcase the newest additions to the vehicle lineup in a new and exciting
way, while still remaining true to the modern luxury brand image of each