Rebecca Burrell

They say "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but not when you’re being given a personal tour by Hello! Las Vegas Sales Coordinator Rebecca Burrell! Her definition of "One Perfect Day" in Las Vegas would be at the start of summer, in May, when it’s 85 degrees with a cool breeze. She would HAVE to be at the pool with her family and closest friends, barbecuing and playing various games. "I have a total of six brothers and sisters so it’s always an event when we can be together enjoying the beautiful start of summer!" she says.

Rebecca lived in Dallas after having her son, who is now two years old. She moved back to Las Vegas last year so she could be closer to her family; she especially wanted her son to have the opportunity to enjoy hanging out with his grandparents. She’s absolutely passionate about the outdoors. If she could spend every day outside—whether that be swimming, hiking, working out, or playing at the park with her son—she would.

She thinks people would be surprised to know that Las Vegas offers a unique Lion Habitat Ranch just 10 minutes away from "The Strip," which gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility and staff, plus the opportunity to feed some of the local lions and giraffes! In Rebecca’s opinion, Spanish food is a "must sample" in Las Vegas, particularly the tapas that various restaurants offer. One restaurant—Barcelona—offers some of the best Spanish snacks and appetizers that you could imagine. "It’s hidden in the southern part of the city, which makes it a little gem!" she gushes.

We appreciate the tour, Rebecca! For our final "Backyard Backstories," we’ll take a trip to Nashville for a peek at "Music City" through the eyes of Aaron Sayre, Executive Producer/Department Director for Creative Services at Hello! Nashville.