Our multitalented Sales Coordinator Stacey Sandritter shares her Central Florida picks for today’s Backyard Backstory!


My definition of One Perfect Day in my hometown is discovering something new that this city has to offer! There’s ALWAYS something new and exciting right in our own backyard.

I chose to make Orlando my home because when I was four, my parents didn’t like the idea of them moving from New Jersey and leaving me behind. I’ve loved it so much since that I haven’t left!


I’m passionate about all of the opportunities in my hometown.

People would be surprised to know about the proximity to the beach my hometown. Just because we live in Florida, doesn’t mean we’re five minutes from the beach. It takes AT LEAST 30-35 minutes to get to the ocean.


In my opinion, Dole Whip is the signature drink item that visitors must sample in my hometown. (I’m not even sure if it’s considered a drink, but if you walk around Magic Kingdom for five minutes in July, it’ll become a drink in no time! Regardless, it’s delicious!).