Hello! Arizona Event Designer Tressa Rini is a native Phoenecian who loves her city- who better to give us the insider’s insights into the best things to do?

My definition of One Perfect Day in my hometown is: I wake up to the smell of Arizona rain (a rarity since we see 300 days of sun a year ) Then a jaunt over to "Butters" to eat an "Oreo Cookie S’mores" pancake. Treasure hunting (aka shopping) at the Melrose Vintage Shopping District, and a visit to the Phoenix Art Museum to immerse myself in Yayoi Kusama’s "Firefly Room" installation.


I chose to make Phoenix my home because: I am the epitome of a Phoenician. I wear a jacket if the temperature drops below 70 and I don’t do humidity. I am all about that "dry heat!" Also Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings, so I never have to deal with "springing forward" or "falling back". I just get to live my life on a sensical linear time line.

I’m passionate about the perfectly gridded street system in Phoenix. Seriously, every time I fly home into Sky Harbor Airport, I just look out the window and admire how beautifully and rationally our streets and freeways are laid out. Not getting lost while driving is one of the marvelous luxuries we have in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

People would be surprised to know that the reason Arizona sunsets are so vividly stunning is because of our dry climate and mountain ranges. The dry air filled with dust particles allows for more brilliant and saturated hues.  The colors are further intensified when the light reflects off the mountain ranges, adding those vibrant glowing shades of pinks, purples, and golds!


In my opinion The Chopped Salad at "The Gladly" is the signature food item that visitors must sample in my hometown. It is basically famous. In the menu it doesn’t even have a description, just a link to it’s personal website and Facebook page. (Yes, the Salad has a Facebook page). When you take my brilliant recommendation and go enjoy your very own Chopped Salad at The Gladly, make sure to ask for Tim. He’s the best.