California-born Danelle Dodds settled in Las Vegas as a teenager, and while she’s traveled the world, she’s chosen to make her home in the glittering jewel of the desert. Her role as a Senior Account Executive at Hello! Las Vegas lets her share the best of Vegas with our clients and guests. 

My perfect Summer experience is a Las Vegas Summer night.  The sun has been baking the asphalt all day so when it sets, the city streets are just radiating a warm glow.  The night is perfect to stroll through Downtown, taking in the murals of local artists, grabbing some crispy pork with waterfall sauce from Le Thai, glide past the fire-breathing praying mantis that guards the entry of Container Park, and then sit at the base of the three story tree-house while my daughter braves the slide.


I’m passionate about Guest Experiences.  I love knowing that a person can come to Las Vegas each month for a month and never have to repeat an experience. 

People would be surprised to know that just 30 – 45 minutes outside of the Strip, the most breathtaking natural parks exist. You have never seen more magical rock formations or sunsets.


In my opinion Raku is the signature restaurant that visitors must sample in my hometown.  It’s a hidden gem in Chinatown and it’s been said "If Las Vegas is a foodie heaven, then Raku is one of the pearly gates".