Danielle Kambic

I am so thankful to be in Washington, D.C. and for our wonderful team. This year, everyone has met all of their challenges head on with enthusiasm, dedication, and integrity. 2017 has been full of nonstop opportunities and challenges, but I am lucky that I can always depend on them to step up to the plate. I am thankful for the trust of our owners, whose support and faith never wavers. Thank you to everyone from around the country and company who took time away from home to help make our team successful! I’m also grateful for our customers, staff, supplier partners, and venues, who let us be so ambitious! Of course, we can’t forget to appreciate our health, wellness, and overall sanity, as well as acknowledge how lucky we are to work with such great teammates and in such a cool city. I’m so proud of what our team has accomplished and look forward to the coming months and years with great anticipation. Thank you, Hello! Washington, D.C.!