Oct 31
The Latest Trends in Event Technology

VR Girl

Technology is constantly advancing and changing…we're adapting, updating, scrolling, and linking people and devices we could've never imagined. We can now search endlessly for anything with just a few key strokes or a quick swipe of a finger. At the pace that technology is advancing, it's our passion and duty to innovate and stay current with the latest trends and services for our clients. Ready to see our top three tech trends in events? Let's go!

Leave Your Guests MarveLED

LED Girls

LED lighting's light weight, superior brightness, and low power consumption allows them to be extremely versatile for many decorative uses. Incorporating LED into your décor gives your event the futuristic feel without breaking the budget. This technology can be implemented in almost any aspect; LED entrances, tables, dance floors, and even LED Logo Dress Girls can enhance your event with custom branding and design. Want to really stun your guests? Consider this 12-foot LED Peacock Tail that's not only a beautiful show-stopper but can also feature words and logos thanks to its smart technology.

LED Peacock

LED can also be incorporated into interactive events, such as the Bike Across America Mileage Tracker. It uses LED to provide a visual representation of how far your guests have biked. Are your guests determined enough to bike across the country? The LED poles, powered by the bikes, will show them just how far they've travelled!

LED Bike 

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

Photo Booth

Instagramable moments have become high priority for clients. Having a takeaway, even if it's digital, is a great way for guests to keep a lasting memory. We like to stay ahead of the tech trends and keep things fresh by finding innovative ways for guests to make these photo memories. Everyone's heard of a photo booth, but have you heard about the SloMo Lounge? Guests can take short 4-10 second videos with a professional camera that are played back in full, high definition, super slow motion to create fun and memorable videos. Using props such as confetti, bubbles, and balloons, guests can create exciting keepsakes they've never had before. 

If slow motion isn't fast enough for you, how about kicking it up a notch and going full view instead? This 360-degree selfie photo booth lets you catch your good side while also capturing all the excitement around you. The rotating stage allows you to pose effortlessly while creating a complete 360 effect. 


The sky's no longer the limit! During an evening star gazing activity, new photo technology now enables guests to use their own smart phones to take out-of-this-world pictures. Guests will get a chance to see the moon and stars up close using these giant telescopes, and if the timing is right, they might even get to see the rings of Saturn! Not able to navigate the stars? An enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will help guests understand just what they're seeing and how special it is.  

Turn Fantasy into (Virtual) Reality

VR Man

With virtual reality (often referred to as VR), guests can immerse themselves in new worlds and experience exhilarating thrills from anywhere! With a 360-degree motion chair and virtual reality headset, guests will not only see themselves flying down roller coaster ramps but feel every twist and turn they take. Or put them in the driver's seat of a Formula One car and let them feel the Gs of the tight hairpins. Guests can even take a stroll on an alien planet and explore never-before-seen terrain. The possibilities are endless and will be sure to leave guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When it's over, they can stand by the green screen and leave with a photo. The fun is more than just for the person in the chair though; other guests get to witness the action on screens around the attraction. FOMO much? Guests can show their friends what they're missing out on by sharing the recorded VR experience with a 360-degree video directly to social media, further increasing your company's exposure and interaction with your brand.

Need help keeping up with the tech savvy trends? Contact us and we'll be happy to make sure you never miss a version 2.0! 

Oct 31
Destination Deep Dive: Washington, D.C.


Hello! Washington, D.C. opened its doors in January 2011 and it's no surprise our growing destination management company planted its seeds in nation's capital. Now also serving the surrounding Virginia and Maryland areas, the Hello! team enjoys having the opportunity to show their guests the historic sites while also innovating the ways they get to see them. Hello! Washington, D.C. General Manager Susan Saville says she loves having the opportunity to get to know her hometown community inside and out, "Not just where everything is or what the best restaurants are, but the history, culture, and little gems hiding in every corner of this fantastic city." Find out Hello! Washington, D.C.'s take on basic tourist hot spots and how we revamped them to be once in a lifetime events.


Monuments by Moonlight Tour

White House

Looking for something MONUMENTAL that will make your trip to Washington, D.C. stand out? During the Monuments by Moonlight Tour, guests are introduced to our nation's capital and see the best of Washington as it's illuminated at night. With a private vehicle and dedicated tour guide, attendees are transferred to the National Mall in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. where they visit popular monuments and memorials and learn the rich history of the city. Sights along the way include famous landmarks such as the White House, U.S. Capitol Building, Washington Monument, and more!

Washington Monument

Drinking History Tour


The War of 1812, a White House party, two presidents, and a funeral. What do all these events have in common? A stiff drink! On the Drinking History Tour, guests experience an educational and sociable journey through Washington, D.C.'s history. Think of it as an interactive version of the Comedy Central's television show, "Drunk History." Led by a professional tour guide, the group visits famous establishments including Old Ebbitt Grill, Hotel Washington, and The Willard, enjoying a beverage at each location. The tour will also stop by Lafayette Park and the White House to discuss the history of the area and how some stiff drinks helped shape this city.

Segway Tour 

Segway Tour

Want to get up-close and personal with the nation's capital? Get your guests out of their meetings and on their feet to experience the city in Segway style. Guests will cruise effortlessly through the beautiful parks and around notable buildings with a tour guide that provides both historical and current facts, heaps of fascinating stories, unique photo ops, and superb personal service. 

Off-Site Events

International Spy Museum

Spy Building

Washington, D.C. has always been a hotbed of espionage activity, earning it the title of "Spy Capital of the World." Spies have walked the halls of foreign embassies, intelligence agencies, and government offices since the day the city was born, and it's no mystery that it is home to the renowned International Spy Museum. The museum is in a brand-new, state-of-the-art building featuring the largest collection of espionage artifacts ever placed on public display. Underneath lies a stunning event space offering one of the best views in Washington. The newly reopened Spy Museum features exclusive ballroom space on the 7th floor of their facility, sitting along the National Mall with panoramic views from the U.S. Capitol Building to the Washington Monument and all the way around to the Southwest waterfront. The space can be easily transformed to fit a variety of event setups and themes.

Aside from the versatile space and fantastic view, additional event enhancements are available such as exclusive museum access, interactive spy themed entertainment, and special presentations hosted by the museum curator or other former intelligence officials.

Spy and Bar

Nationals Park

Nationals Park

At Nationals Park, guests can own the field for a day! They will join the ranks of the few who have experienced a Major League ballpark from the player's point of view. Guests can achieve a lifelong dream of taking batting practice or having dinner on the diamond. Stretching around the field, the concourse provides a lively setting for groups to eat and drink during their celebration

Table Decor and Helmets

Smithsonian's National Zoo


Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the Smithsonian's National Zoo offers the extraordinary opportunity to host an event surrounded by magnificent wildlife in a fun and educational environment.  With unique ways to amaze, inform, and entertain, creating a memorable event is easy at the Zoo! Imagine a picnic at the Great Meadow while marveling at the orangutans swinging freely overhead. Or explore a working lab full of artifacts and animals in Amazonia Science Gallery. Living exhibits combined with imagination make every event at the Zoo special.

Table Decor

Ready for the presidential treatment? Contact Susan Saville, general manager of Hello! Washington, D.C., at ssaville@hello-dmc.com or 202.888.9979.

Oct 31
Destination, Managed: Our Magic Moment

Destination, Managed: Our Magic Moment

Hello! Florida designed the annual conference for one of the largest insurance brokerage companies in the world at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando. As a longstanding client (10 years strong), they trusted only us to create a visually stimulating and sophisticated interpretation of their conference theme: "Our Magic Moment." Yet how do you take something that's untouchable and turn it into a physical experience? Keep reading to see how we turned childhood fantasy into something that delighted thousands of adults. 

Unicorn and Lampshade Man

The Program

With multiple evening receptions and two simultaneously operating waves of 1,100 people for each lunch and General Session, extensive preparation made all the difference as we executed 11 events over the span of just three days.  

Disco Ball and Furniture Grouping  For the VIPs: Only the company's highest sales performers arrive a day earlier to be pampered and attend exclusive events. The luxury began with eyelash/makeup stations, massages, endless adult beverages, and mouth-watering food service in the pool area. Nice and relaxed, the VIPs attended an awards dinner that evening with name acts from America's Got Talent, followed by an after-party that married the mysterious and mystical to create an unforgettable experience. 

Drummer and Trumpets

General Sessions: We wanted to make the walk from the breakfast ballroom to the General Session a magical experience in its own right. For the first General Session we used the Orlando Magic Drumline as parade entertainment to infuse an enthusiastic and energetic feeling to the beginning of the conference.  The second General Session's escorts gave guests a royal welcome. Inspired by Hogwarts, each department of our client's organization had been designated a "House" with their own colors and custom-designed graphics. Of course, it was only appropriate that guests were greeted with branded heralding trumpets that led them to an out-of-the-ordinary General Session featuring name-act talent and magic-infused performances.

Citrus Beer Garden

Citrus Beer Garden: We developed the resort's Coquina Lawn to give guests some fresh air with a down-home Florida flair, including a custom beer wall that featured 12 taps of ice-cold, local Florida beers. We also placed 50 faux orange trees around the lawn to enhance the citrus theme. Our in-house graphic designers created custom graphics for the event, including branded beer coasters and corn-hole boards. 

Silver Mannequin

Costume Party: Our client's annual costume party is famous and fiercely competitive. Prior to the event we hosted a costuming room for the executives, where we dressed them to the nines in costumes flown in from Europe and Hollywood-worthy hair and makeup. All guests then entered the event through a space that was transformed to feel like the backstage of a circus—costumes hung above guests' heads, ready and waiting for a wardrobe change with ropes, bricks, and other theater-like aspects. Once guests stepped through the main doors, they entered an upscale "performance area" with a kaleidoscope of colors, unique décor, games, and two large central bars. 

Director and Horse

A Magical Lunch: We gave guests a lunch break with a unique space where Quidditch towers and pumpkin pasties transported guests to another world. To create an authentic experience, we leveraged our relationship with Universal Studios Florida to grant the Gaylord's chefs access to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter restaurants and learn how to recreate their famous dishes. Guests lunched at the communal tables representing each "House" before playing giant beer pong on (and through!) the Quidditch court. 

Quiddich Court

"Top Gun of the Year" Dinner: Guests enjoyed a sumptuous plated dinner before being dazzled by more name-act entertainment. The evening included an ROTC Guard flag presentation, a children's performance of the national anthem, and an a capella group that sat amongst the guests, appearing as if by magic to croon magic-themed songs during the transition of food courses.

ROTC and Table Decor

The Challenges

An Unwelcome Element: The group that was at the Gaylord Palms prior to our client had installed a tent that entirely covered the Coquina Lawn; unfortunately, their rental company didn't show up to strike the tent. Our open-air VIP after-party was that evening and a tent would hinder the theme was so carefully designed. So there we were, at load-in time for our event, with a fully installed tent from another group in our space. We communicated feverishly with the other rental company and the resort's engineering team to remove the tent. Despite this bump in the road, we were still able to execute our load-in on time and host a phenomenal event.

Ballroom Consolidation: This program was originally designed for two ballrooms, however, with just 30 days to go our client heard two words that no one ever wants to hear from their outside production company: over budget. To help our client and provide cost-savings, we completely re-designed the program for one ballroom (incorporating all original items) and worked out new logistics. Since nearly all events took place in a single ballroom, our challenge was to flip the room each night so we could "magically" immerse guests in a "new" space the next morning. 

The Result

We used our ingenuity to create a distinctive and sophisticated multi-day program that enhanced our client's theme using carefully selected or custom-built décor, entertainment, and embellishments. 

Large-scale, labor-intensive overnight turns showcased our logistical and planning capabilities, as did our ushering of 1,100 attendees from each wave between the General Sessions and lunches simultaneously without conflict. In this highly detailed program, there was at least one event running while two other events were being set up in another area of the resort. We never missed a beat due to our extensive preparation and professionalism.

You want to host 2,200 guests over the course of three days for 11 events? We've got the magic touch! Destination, Managed.

Sep 26
How to Leave a Lasting Impression

How to Leave a Lasting Impression

When thinking back on an event, what are some of the things that stand out and capture your attention? Most guests would say the beautiful décor that encapsulated the theme, or the live entertainment that had them dancing all night long. What if they could also leave an event with a lasting image of your brand? Here at Hello! we incorporate our clients' brand in unique and creative ways to leave guests with memories of not just the event, but the company that's investing in them. We break the status quo of the typical dated and dull branding to ensure guests leave astounded. Let's take a trip across the country to discover the innovative branding techniques that we've implemented for our clients' events!

First Stop: Hello! Arizona

Dinner Robot

We believe innovation is one way to help our clients cement their brand in the minds of their guests. One of Hello! Arizona's favorite ways to do that is by being future-forward and incorporating technology for branding. Guests felt like they walked into the year 3000 when TAGI the Robot greeted them at the door. "This was a great way to brand our client's 'Future of Trains' gala dinner. He talks, snaps pictures, and has an interactive screen where we were able to place content and branding," said Hello! Arizona Executive Producer/Department Director Danny Trujillo.

LED Table

Another noteworthy branding component was recently made Instagram-famous with its eye-popping design that served as a real conversation starter. This LED dining table was an amazing way to display the company's logo during dinner and personalize the experience for each guest. Who wants a typical name card anymore…honestly?

Mosey on Over to Our Second Stop: Hello! Texas

Branded Steak

Everything is bigger and BETTER here. Hello! Texas Executive Producer/Department Director of Creative Services, Aaron Tharp, proves this through events with unique branding opportunities that he and his team create daily.

"Branding is more important than anything right now, but how do you do it in a subtle way that makes a BIG impact? We got you. Anyone can slap a logo on a balloon or print out from your photo activation, but what about food? Incorporating a logo into your food and beverage is an unexpected way to showcase your brand or sponsor. The demographic for Goodyear loved their meat, so we branded it—literally—with irons that chefs used to burn the client's iconic logo into each slice of meat," Tharp explains.

Branded Tire Keg

Tharp also mentioned that Goodyear challenged us to showcase the brand while not distracting from exhibitors on their show floor. The team went to work to design beer taps that flow right from a Goodyear tire. "We knew right away that tires would be too heavy, and a stack of four was out of the question, but we needed it to be impactful. The solution? Taking a mold of said tire and creating a 'surprise and delight' Instagram-able moment," he says.

Next Stop: Honky-Tonk Central—Hello! Nashville

Jason Aldean's Grand Opening

It was music to our client's ears when we helped country superstar Jason Aldean execute the grand opening of his bar and restaurant. Hello! Nashville designed a laser-etched wooden backdrop for an exclusive "My Kinda Party" photo op and tie in the down-home feel of country music. We also invited guests to walk down a custom-printed carpet shaped like the neck of a guitar to build their excitement for this star-studded exclusive experience.

Branded Chain Link Fence

Take a right off Broadway and you'll hit one of the newest, tallest luxury hotels in town. We had the pleasure of assisting the JW Marriott Nashville with their Topping Off event—a builders' rite traditionally held when the last beam is placed atop a structure during its construction. The Hello! Nashville team produced branding décor for this milestone occasion, which was held in the still-active construction site.

"We wanted to add some Nashville style branding that was both industrial but elegant and elevated for the JW brand," said Hello! Nashville Executive Producer/Director of Creative Services Aaron Sayre. The most intriguing brand design of the night was the photo opportunity of the JW Marriott Griffin logo made entirely from chain links. This was the perfect combination of modern and metal that "nailed" the theme and created a unique, memorable moments for the guests.

Our Final Stop: Hello! Florida (Central)

Branded Coconuts

We've reached our final destination, but last is definitely not least. Most clients come to Florida to enjoy the sunshine and cold, tropical drinks, but the same old specialty cocktails needed a new twist. Our team, in collaboration with the host resort (Gaylord Palms), worked together to find a solution that made sense for service while still having a thematic impact for attendees. Lightbulb! Branded coconuts! Guests even had the option to drink from a beverage poured inside or take one home as a keepsake. Either way, this idea boasted a win-win along with a cute photo opportunity.

Branded String Art

In addition to branded photo opportunities, our team sensed that this client craved a more hands-on concept to WOW their guests and literally tie into the brand. Hello! Florida (Central) Associate Producer of Sourcing & Development, Morgan Ford, explained why String Art is the perfect fix for this growing client need. "Encouraging guests to be part of the branding experience, attendees could leave their mark by 'connecting the dots' to create a personalized branding display that could also be retained to hang in their office!" This in turn becomes a lasting reminder of the event.

Ready for us to develop the next branding innovation for your event? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you leave your mark! 

Sep 25
Destination, Managed: Celestial Centennial

Destination, Managed: Celestial Centennial

Our client—a Fortune 100 financial services organization—had planned to celebrate its 100-year anniversary with a "Celestial Centennial" beachfront celebration in Marco Island, Florida. A hurricane had other plans. Damage from the storm forced the client to relocate their 660 guests to The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona six months before their event. Disappointment and tight schedules were overcome to create a glorious and innovative evening that surpassed what the client had envisioned for South Florida. Under the night sky, the company's top-performing sales staff reflected on the past century of success while celebrating the splendor of the stars—both the ones in the heavens above and each other.

The Event

Geodesic Dome and LED Dance Floor

This event marked the 100-year anniversary for our client. To celebrate, they wanted to honor their top performers while making them proud to be part of the company at this particular point in time. Our client also wanted this to be different than any of their other events to highlight the importance of their centennial.

We accomplished this by using event decor, entertainment, and activations to tell a story that traveled through the greatness of the company's past and future. Juxtaposing traditional elegant decor pieces with edgy and/or new technological innovations encouraged a "future forward" attitude while still exuding elegance. We focused on the celestial theme by finding a variety of ways to "bring the stars to life" using immersive theme décor and activations, making guests feel as if they were among the stars rather than just under them. 

The Challenges

Drone Show

Drone Show: We worked with a supplier to plan a completely customized drone light show. Just two days before the event—when the supplier was scheduled to be at the resort for rehearsal—they cancelled. Talk about a frantic moment; the show was pivotal in making our theme come to life. Undeterred, we found a partner who was willing to do anything he could to help. At the time, all of the supplier's drones were dismantled at their warehouse out of state and there was little time to rebuild them given that we only had 36 hours until the event. Due to the last-minute emergency we hired a private jet from the East Coast to deliver the drones and their crew.

Combatting the Location Change: A big challenge was recreating the essence of the theme they generated for South Florida, while telling a story that celebrated the new Arizona setting. We paid special care to innovatively present their Celestial Centennial theme while still embracing the iconic scenery of Arizona (i.e. using Camelback Mountain) and highlighting it in a subtle way (i.e. subtle Southwestern motifs mixed into the décor).

Space Access: Due to the size of our buildout and production elements, we needed access to the space the day before to ensure that everything was ready in time. Since the Casita Lawn is surrounded by the hotel's Casita Suites, we had to work with our client and the resort to ensure the client's group had a complete buyout of the suites so we could move forward with our early load-ins and late strikes. 


The Result

Our client had rave reviews, saying, "Anyone can create an amazing event, only a few can create an EXPERIENCE that is aligned with a brand's message and uniquely positioned to set the tone for the next 100 years while honoring [our company's] culture." 

Fireworks Closing

Unpredictable location change? We've got you. Unexpected last-minute issues? Nothing we can't overcome. Destination, Managed. 

Sep 25
Spare Change Makes a Big Impact for Children Attending Orange County Public Schools

Hello! Florida Gives Back

Hello! Florida and Talk of the Town Restaurant Group (TOTT) recently partnered for the "Round Up for Charity" program, which raised much-needed funds for Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) children and the Hello! Florida Field Trip Fund ("Field Trip Fund"). The Field Trip Fund allows OCPS children who are experiencing poverty or homelessness to attend Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) focused field trips at no cost.

Throughout the month of August 2019, guests at TOTT restaurants were invited to donate by rounding up their check to the nearest dollar. Thanks to the support of the local community, the benefit raised over $25,000 to help classroom content become more relevant and meaningful for low-income OCPS children. The support couldn't have come at a better time. In 2018: 

  • Over 148,000 OCPS students (71%) were on Free and Reduced Lunch programs
  • 7,415 students were considered to be homeless
  • 109 schools received Title I funding (financial assistance from the government for schools with high percentages of children from low-income families)

Founded by Hello! Florida Director of Special Accounts Shannon Orme in 2014, the Hello! Florida Field Trip Fund has raised nearly $90,000 and sent over 10,000 OCPS children on fun, educational school field trips that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. Want even more good news? The Field Trip Fund is an ongoing program that you can help! For more information or to find out how you can support its mission during your next program, please contact Shannon Orme at 321.229.1269 or sorme@hello-dmc.com

Aug 30
Destination Deep Dive: Nashville

Nashville Skyline Hello! Destination Management

What was once thought of as the honky-tonk capital is now a modern epicenter for fine dining and celebrity-endorsed high-end shopping. This change has turned Nashville into one of the most popular meetings destinations in the Southeast region. Its transformation over the past few years has opened the doors to more than just country music artists and fans—but a more diverse group of travelers and talent. Take a deeper look into some of Nashville's renowned tours and venues, where even you can feel like a Nashville star.

Lower Broadway Hello! Destination Management

Tours and Activities

Life of a Song Tour

CMHOF and RCA Studio B Collage Hello! Destination Management

Guests will take a short drive to the famous "Music Row," where they will get to tour Nashville's historic Studio B; one of the most famous studios in the world. Over 35,000 songs were recorded here by artists such as Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and even more recently, Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood. Hear the stories behind the legendary recordings and view some of the original instruments used in producing over 1,000 hit records on this private guided tour. After touring Studio B, guests will arrive at the Country Music Hall of Fame where they will be treated to a private performance by a local Nashville songwriter.

Ultimate Studio Experience

Your group will join #1 Billboard recording artist Meghan Linsey from NBC's mega-hit tv show "The Voice" and Nashville record producer Tyler Cain on the ULTIMATE interactive, private Nashville recording studio experience!

Your guests will experience an intimate acoustic performance with songs and stories, an interactive Q&A, get the chance to record a group vocal with Meghan, and even get their photo with her afterwards on the Nashville Studio Tour red carpet! Guests will leave with an mp3 of the recording they created as a lasting memento to remind them of this exclusive experience.

Exclusive City Tours

Nashville is known for its unique "vehicles"—a Pedal Tavern, Party Barge, Honky Tonk Express, Tractor Wagon, and much more await your guests for experiencing Nashville on the road. Sips and sights anyone?

Off-Site Events

Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar

Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar is centrally-located right in the heart of Lower Broadway. The massive main level of the venue features a wrap-around mezzanine serving classic country cooking. Custom thematic elements like the "Big Green Tractor" feature bar and a live radio broadcast booth help set the tone of this unique venue. Above the main bar, the "My Kind of Party" rooftop is the largest one in Nashville and features sweeping views of the city.

Grand Ole Opry Show with Circle Room and VIP Tour

Grand Ole Opry Exterior Hello! Destination Management

Guests will begin the evening by experiencing the Grand Ole Opry's newest addition—the Circle Room—where they'll be treated with drinks, appetizers, and a visit from an artist on the show!

Afterwards, guests will take a VIP Behind the Curtain tour of the Grand Ole Opry! There's nothing like being backstage during a performance at the Opry, and your guests will get to experience it with a VIP Behind-the-Curtain tour!  This exclusive experience includes a private tour of the Opry backstage area just before show time. Guests will learn how each Opry show comes together and spend time in the Green Room just offstage, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Opry. Guests will watch the first performance of the night from the stage before being escorted to their seats.

Grand Ole Opry Interior Collage Hello! Destination Management

Mint Springs Farm

Mint Springs Farm Outside Hello! Destination Management

Located just 30 minutes south of Nashville in picturesque Williamson County, Mint Springs Farm features a rustic setting perfect for casual and formal affairs. The 40-acre property makes this venue the perfect location for groups of all sizes and tastes.

Mint Springs Farm Collage Hello! Destination Management

Ole Smoky Moonshine + Yee-Haw Brewing Company

Ole Smoky Distillery is the leading craft distiller of moonshine and home of the world's most visited distillery. They've expanded their presence in Tennessee by joining forces with Yee-Haw Brewing Company, one of Tennessee's top craft breweries, to collectively open a complex in Nashville's burgeoning area of SoBro. The venue, "Mashville," features a distillery, brewery, bars, tasting areas, beer and bottle shops, merchandise, big screen TVs, and live entertainment. Guests will enjoy moonshine, cocktails, and beer by the glass, food (including White Duck Taco and Nashville's own Prince's Hot Chicken), and purchase jars of moonshine and craft bottled beer for enjoyment at home.

Guests have a variety of interactive games and entertainment to choose from on the expansive outdoor patio, including basketball hoops, bocce ball, ping-pong, cornhole boards, giant Jenga, and giant Connect 4. A rooftop expansion is being planned to further enhance the outdoor experience.

Yee Haw Brewing Company Hello! Destination Management

Let Hello! Nashville show you how to do Music City like the locals! Contact Mitch Jordan, General Manager of Hello! Nashville, at mjordan@hello-dmc.com or 615.588.4920.

Aug 30
Destination, Managed: A Journey Through Wonderland

A Journey Through Wonderland Hello! Destination Management

One of Forbes Magazine's "Cloud 100" companies was looking to host an incentive trip for 1,600 of their top performers. The problem? They had a three-year contract with one of our competitors but was highly dissatisfied with their lack of creativity and direction. So they cancelled their contract and said Hello!. We then took guests down the Rabbit Hole and on a mysterious Journey Through Wonderland where a world of adventure awaited them as the night got curiouser and curiouser.

The Event

Our client wanted to throw an epic final night party for their guests; one that would have a rewarding environment to make them feel honored and appreciated. They wanted a theme that would connect their program to the "magic" of Orlando. We were tasked with using three disjointed event spaces at the Gaylord Palms—The Coquina Lawn, South Beach Pool, and Wreckers Sports Bar—to create an immersive environment where each space had its own special design, but the event maintained a cohesive feeling overall.

Red Queens Court Collage Hello! Destination Management

The Challenges

Continuity: The biggest challenge was finding a way to combine the event spaces since they aren't normally meant to flow together. We determined that entertainment was key to making that connection, and the close working relationship we've developed with the Gaylord Palms was integral in allowing us to change existing furniture and flow.

White Queen and Caterpillar Lounge Hello! Destination Management

Load-In: Wreckers Sports Bar and the South Beach Pool had to remain open for hotel guests, which made for extremely tight turnarounds. With an event start time of 6:30 p.m., we weren't able to gain access to the upper-level of Wreckers until the late morning, and the lower-level until 3:00 p.m. Installing ceiling décor and removing all restaurant furniture meant everything had to be executed exactly as planned if we were to be successful. In addition, although we gained access to the pool at 9:00 a.m., installing a custom acrylic bridge over a pool is no small feat. The installation, safety inspection, and décor placement meant there was no room for error in sticking to our production schedule.

Floating Bridge Hello! Destination Management

Entertainment: We had a large number of entertainment features throughout the space, which meant a lot of contracting, coordination, and management. Everything was planned down to the minute to eliminate concerns of missing sets. We also dedicated a team of professionals to solely oversee the entertainment component. With so many areas within the venue, it was essential to position managers in each space to ensure flawless execution.

Entertainment Collage Hello! Destination Management

The Result

Following the event, we held an immediate meeting with the client to discuss their observations and thoughts about the event. We're happy to say they had nothing but rave reviews and conveyed their pleasure at having decided to invest in us and buy out their contract with our competitor.

Picking up the pieces to create a highly successful experience? Destination, Managed. 

Aug 29
Designing a Common Theme in an Uncommon Way

Hello! On Point August 2019 Feature Photo

Asking for a Las Vegas-themed celebration without showgirls and gambling is like asking for a Nashville-themed event without country and cowboy hats—it CAN be done! (yes, we said "can"). Our imaginations are limitless, and one of our favorite things is to design out-of-the-box events to create a familiar feeling in a fresh, creative way. Need an example? So happy you asked. 

Music City Bling

Our client, one of the world's largest producers of oral hygiene products, wanted people to feel like they were in Nashville but with a modern twist that harkened to the "new" Nashville. The group told us they loved the lounge arrangements throughout their recently renovated host resort—Renaissance Nashville—and asked us to combine this with local accents while highlighting the company's signature color. "I called one of our favorite suppliers and we had a collaborative brainstorming session, sharing what I envisioned with the bar and how I wanted to offset that and use their awesome oversized ottomans," says Hello! Nashville Event Designer Angelica Clark.

Music City Bling Truck Bar Hello! Destination Management

Using modern furniture that was inspired from the aesthetics of the Renaissance, the event featured a fun hospitality lounge look topped off with an Edison Bulb feature and corrugated metal back bars with rustic bars and a custom marquee sign. The Edison Bulbs were such a favorite that the team put it in the front of the room to create a focal point.

Edison Bulb and Seating Collage Hello! Destination Management

"The corrugated metal combined with the 'Restoration Hardware' chandeliers amidst the modern furniture is what made the perfect balance," Clark explains. "Without the modern twist of the glass tables, chic chairs, and Edison bulbs, the aesthetics would have looked too country," she says.

Cowboy Pop

Cowboy Pop Neon Cowboys Hello! Destination Management

Hello! Texas Executive Producer/Department Director Aaron T. Tharp loves surprising clients with his creative design. "Everyone has this 'idea' of what they think Dallas is—that it's nothing but cowboys on horseback and tumbleweeds—but that perception couldn't be further from the truth," he says. Dallas is unlike any other city in Texas: fashionable, modern, and sexy with a touch of country.

Cowboy Pop Poster Collage Hello! Destination Management

"Imagine if John Wayne and Andy Warhol planned an event…that's what Cowboy Pop is all about," Tharp continues. Rustic touches with pops of neon color bought the cowboy theme to life in an unexpected way.

Cowboy Pop Steer and Roper Hello! Destination Management

Using Pop Art Western graphics, UV Reactive Neon living cowboy statues, LED trick ropers, and colorful skulls hung on reclaimed wood walls, this event let guests live like a true Dallas native: bright and self-expressive with a POP of independence.

A Vegas Hangover

A Vegas Hangover Entrance Hello! Destination Management

In our initial meetings, the client stressed the importance of their annual conference's costume party and its meaning for the company. With this being their first time in Las Vegas, they wanted a Vegas-centric concept that would allow guests to bring about their own creativity and include relatable material with a comedic undertone. It was decided that the thematic concept would be "Hangover Las Vegas;" a nod to the fun and relatable content of the wildly popular movie "The Hangover."

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"We began envisioning how we could bring 'Hangover Las Vegas' to life with decorative elements, engaging activations, and themed entertainment that would provide a fun experience to rival that of the movie," said Hello! Las Vegas Senior Producer/Event Designer Patrick Peel. The team zeroed in on bringing four areas of the film to life: Caesar's Palace Garden, the dentist's office, the tiger bathroom scene, and the wedding chapel. A variety of Vegas-themed lounge areas were also woven throughout so guests could take ownership of their own storyline within the vignettes. The event was held at The Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Pool; a spectacular space that offered unobstructed, multi-level views of the Las Vegas strip…perfect for elevating our guests' authentic Vegas experience.

A Vegas Hangover Pool Hello! Destination Management

The expression for each of the vignettes depended on both the big and small details in order to bring them to life. Each vignette combined customized décor, activations, entertainment, and lighting to transport guests into the "scene." We also worked with The Cosmopolitan to design food and bar service that played into each of the themed areas for an immersive experience.

A Vegas Hangover Collage 2 Hello! Destination Management

Everything went so well that the client decided to extend the party on-site for an additional hour—something they'd never done before! In speaking with the client during the evening they expressed how they had never experienced such a dynamic costume party and that we had outdone ourselves in making this an EPIC event for their company.

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Jul 31
Destination, Managed: A Vegas Hangover

Destination, Managed: A Vegas Hangover Hello! Destination Management

One epic party concept, two completely different designs. What do you do when your event needs to overlook the Las Vegas Strip from a multi-level pool deck, but the hotel is concerned about ruining their recent $15 million renovation of the pool area? You build two different visions for an event whose final plans and execution are at the mercy of the hotel's approval.

Vegas Pool Hello! Destination Management

The Event

One of the largest insurance brokerage companies in the world hosted their 35th Annual Enclave Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada; the first time this longstanding client of ours was coming to Vegas. In attendance were the company's top earners, who were being acknowledged for their high level of performance. The annual highlight of their conference was the dedicated costume party night, known for its outlandish themes and creative costumes that guests designed with relish, eager to continue the legacy of their predecessors. We created a "Hangover Las Vegas" theme, capturing the most famous scenes from the movie "The Hangover:" Caesar's Palace garden, the dentist's office, the bathroom tiger, and the wedding chapel. Like in the movie, this event would help people form real friendships with some quirky mayhem and surprises along the way.

A Vegas Hangover Photo Collage 1 Hello! Destination Management

The Challenges

Local Labor Protest: On the day of the event, it was announced that a portion of the Las Vegas Strip would be closed for a labor protest. Knowing this would severely hinder many of our suppliers, we immediately called each of them to warn them of the challenge and request that they allow extra time to get to the loading dock. This became a true challenge for one particular supplier, who was not able to get into the dock at all due to the protest. Due to our extensive experience operating programs at the hotel, we helped them find a way up to the deck just in time.

Pool Deck Preservation: Because the hotel had just completed a $15 million renovation of their pool deck, extra precaution had to be taken to ensure it was preserved for its grand opening the following morning. Prior to the load-in of our suppliers, plastic and cardboard panels had to be installed to protect the deck.

A Vegas Hangover Photo Collage 2 Hello! Destination Management

Loading Dock: The loading dock at the hotel is small and was a greater challenge than usual given the number of suppliers we were using for this over-the-top event. To combat this, load-in became a perfectly choreographed cycle of movement. The hotel also has only one elevator. This, in combination with the long distance from the dock to the pool, meant a lot of additional journey time for our suppliers.

Weather: Having the event on the pool deck introduced several new variables. The March weather in Las Vegas is uncertain, with no wind at one moment and 50-mph gusts the next. The wind can not only become destructive for the décor but cause injury to guests; it was essential that we take this into account. To ensure maximum safety, we met with our audio-visual supplier to discuss how to best secure various decorative elements. Although certain safety precautions meant we could not use particular design elements in the space, we strategically reevaluated the décor and came up with alternatives that would achieve our objectives for both safety and aesthetics. We also ensured that a main focal point of the pool area, a 10-ft Elvis Tree, was weighted down properly.

A Vegas Hangover Elvis Tree Hello! Destination Management

The Result

Like a literal hangover, it was time to leave the fun behind. We made sure that each supplier removed their items from the pool overnight, since the reveal was scheduled for the next day.

This particular event was one that held a lot of emotional investment for the client and a large financial stake for the hotel. As the middle man responsible for being both the voice and vision of the client, while also serving as the liaison with the hotel, we were able to provide creative solutions that went above and beyond our client's expectations. Due to the success of this program and our demonstration of commitment to the client as well as the priorities of the hotel, we earned the ability to have a repeat performance in 2019!

Creative flexibility? Check. Preservation of our hotel partner's sizeable investment into their property? Check. We have to say, this was one of the best hangovers we've had so far. Destination, Managed.

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