​Your guests don’t want to be bored, and that’s not exactly your goal either. Be the hero of your next meeting or conference by incorporating some of these heart-healthy and unique exercises to get your guests’ blood pumping and break the boredom barrier.

Heli Yoga (Hello! Las Vegas)

Hello! Las Vegas DMC Heli Yoga

Welcome to the most exclusive yoga experience you’ll ever have. Guests begin their adventure by boarding a helicopter and taking in a birds-eye view of a beautiful desert valley. After landing, guests begin their 75-minute private yoga session. The session is adaptable to all skill levels and includes a custom playlist and instructions transmitted through wireless headphones. Once the session has concluded, guests are whisked away on the helicopter back to the Las Vegas terminal, but not before an aerial tour of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Field Day at The Star (Hello! Texas)

Hello! Texas DMC Field Day 1

A recent client wanted their guests to have a “field day” (literally!) during their visit to Dallas. This particular program was heavily focused on meetings and content, so our client wanted to give their attendees a break off-property while encouraging some friendly competition between the teams. After sourcing several venues, a perfect match came to mind—the Ford Center at The Star, where none other than the Dallas Cowboys train. What an ideal way for a group of driven and competitive sales teams to blow off some steam after a full conference day!

The official DJ and emcee for the Dallas Cowboys were waiting for our guests as they descended upon the field. “I’M IN” was the theme of their meeting, so it was also woven throughout the Field Day event. After seeing our custom “I’M IN EAST” vs. “I’M IN WEST” signage, it quickly became clear that it was GAME ON for our attendees! Guests passed, ran, sank, and outsmarted their way to achieving gold coins at each of the various sports activities.

After all was said and done, the “West” won bragging rights as the Field Day champions while our clients left that night saying it was the best program they’d ever had for their division.

Hello! Texas DMC Field Day 2

Hello! Texas Field Day 3

Yoga with the Dolphins (Hello! Las Vegas)

Hello! Las Vegas DMC Yoga with Dolphins

Find balance and harmony while doing yoga poses among the dolphins! Your guests will have exclusive use of the underwater dolphin viewing area of Sigfried and Roy’s Dolphin Habitat, where they will have a private one-hour yoga session with a certified instructor. Curious dolphins will glide past and peer through the viewing windows, creating a magical background to your experience.

Beach Olympics (Hello! Florida – South)

Hello! Florida South DMC Beach Olympics

Our client wanted a fun teambuilding event with games that were not too physically challenging, but allowed their guests to get some fresh air on the beach. They selected the following five activities from a myriad of options for their afternoon fun in the sand:

  1. Obstacle Course: Run, jump, leap over hurdles, and step in and out of inner tubes as you race to the finish line
  2. Water Bomb: Bombs away! Make sure you catch the “water bombs” from this three-person slingshot before they hit the ground
  3. Beach Scrabble: A new kind of buried treasure! Teams have one minute to search for buried letters in the sand and then make as many words as they can
  4. Dodge Ball: Who doesn’t love this favorite childhood pastime?
  5. Tug of War: The two rival teams literally dug their heels in to tug it out for the ultimate bragging rights

The guests were thrilled with the opportunity to get their blood flowing while feeling the sand in their toes on a beautiful South Florida beach.

If the idea of these activities at your next event makes your heart race, be sure to contact us for more information.