Whether your group is looking to give back or wants something a little edgier (did someone say axe throwing??), we asked our colleagues from across the country for some of the most unique and creative teambuilding activities in their area. Consider these during your next program for a truly delightful and engaging experience that forms friendships and promotes team unity.

Wine a Lot

Grape Stomp and Wine Tasting

Grape Stomp and Wine Tasting

Grgich Hills’ Grape Stomp and Wine Tasting is a favorite of Samantha Gonzalez, CMP, Sales Coordinator for Hello! California (Northern) in San Francisco. Grgich Hills Winery ferments grapes that are grown at five different vineyards belonging to the Grgich estate, which has consistently produced award-winning wines that are enjoyed across America and all around the world. Their vineyards have been in full production since 2003, creating wines that are 100% estate-grown, produced, and bottled.

To begin their visit, guests are invited to jump in a barrel of freshly picked grapes and stomp away to create the very juice that may someday become wine! During the stomping, guests will sip on a complimentary glass of Grgich wine, which they can take home as a souvenir from their memorable grape stomping experience. They’ll also be able to put their grape-stained feet on a white “I stomped at Grgich Hills” t-shirt for another unique keepsake.


Following the stomp, guests will experience the true essence of Grgich Hills’ wide variety of wines. As one of the premier wineries in Napa Valley, this learning experience and tasting is a treat in itself.


Walk on the Wild Side

Class Axe: Dallas Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing

Remember to duck! Just kidding. Patsy Phillips, Product Development Manager for Hello! Texas, loves this exciting experience: axe throwing! After all, what’s more perfect than putting co-workers in a cage and giving them axes? Prepare for 1.5 hours of high-intensity learning and pulse-pounding adrenaline as your guests battle and overcome the challenges of properly throwing an axe, and then compete in the ultimate elimination tournament! Each guest will have to dig deep and call upon their inner woodland beast to prove themselves for this team builder. Since Axe Throwing can be done by anyone of any size, everyone in the company is on an equal playing field where adaptability, quick learning, and ample amounts of confidence determines the winner.


Team Songwriting Adventure


Team Songwriting

Led by award-winning hit songwriters, guests will have the opportunity to create and record songs that will motivate, define, and inspire your entire organization. Don’t worry if you’re a little tone-deaf; you don’t have to be a good singer or an extrovert to participate and have a great time. Jenna Nelson, Product Development Manager for Hello! Nashville, says, “It’s fascinating how each team comes up with a different melody and lyrics while still sharing the common themes of their organization.” When the songs are finished, teams get together in harmony for some light-hearted performances and compete for awards.


Get a Clue: A Murder Mystery Game


​A dastardly deed has been done in D.C.! This Washington, D.C. networking activity is reminiscent of the board game “Clue,” where an eccentric billionaire has been murdered and it’s up to the guests to figure out who did it! Did he push his butler too far – and get pushed off a building as a result? Or, was his cook tired of the insults about his stew and bubbled over for good?

A quirky costume detective will be on the scene to interact with guests and entertain them as he investigates. Guests will network organically as they interact with each other to determine who committed the crime. Danielle Guido, Product Development Manager for Washington, D.C., loves that this activity is highly customizable. The victim, suspects, and their professions can be customized for any group or industry, with the premise of the game ranging from espionage to theft (or just about anything else!)

​      Quirky Detective 


TOMS Style Your Soles


Want to make a local AND global difference while your guests bond with each other and have a great time? Romy Linde, Director of Sales for Hello! California (South) in San Diego, suggests TOMS “Style Your Soles” teambuilding activity, in which guests decorate and provide shoes for local children in need. Guided by an energetic emcee, guests will use their creativity to sketch and design their own shoe line. A representative from the local homeless shelter will be on hand to accept the shoe donation on behalf of their community. The best part? In addition to each pair of shoes designed during the event and given to the local shelter, TOMS Shoes will match and donate an additional pair to children in Africa, Asia, or South America. Guests will walk away at the end of the day knowing they’ve made a real difference, literally putting shoes on the feet of people around the world who otherwise would never have them.


“Get to the Point” GPS Scavenger Hunt

GPS Scavenger Hunt

What’s the point of going to a great destination if your guests don’t get an opportunity to really experience it? Tait Moline, Product Development Manager for Hello! Arizona, recommends the “Get to the Point” GPS Scavenger Hunt, where guests explore an area as they compete in challenges by using their team tablet to find specific points on a map. After a brief training session to ensure the team captains understand how to use their tablet, they begin their race to GPS coordinates where they can view their challenges and score points. Scoring is tracked in real time and once the hunt is over, teams meet up to learn who emerged victorious and earned the coveted award medals. But, win or lose, all will get the point of this adventure – to connect with their colleagues and enjoy a fun-filled event!


Did one of these unique teambuilding activities catch your eye? Contact us for more information or to find out about other activities in your destination!