Case Study

A Vegas Hangover

One epic party concept, two completely different designs. What do you do when your event needs to overlook the Las Vegas Strip from a multi-level pool deck, but the hotel is concerned about ruining their recent $15 million renovation of the pool area? You build two different visions for an event whose final plans and execution are at the mercy of the hotel’s approval.

Hotel Renovation
Foot Elvis Tree
pull-quotes Like in the movie, this event would help people form real friendships with some quirky mayhem and surprises along the way

Let's Start at the Beginning

One of the largest insurance brokerage companies in the world hosted their 35th Annual Enclave Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada; the first time this longstanding client of ours was coming to Vegas. In attendance were the company’s top earners, who were being acknowledged for their high level of performance. The annual highlight of their conference was the dedicated costume party night, known for its outlandish themes and creative costumes that guests designed with relish, eager to continue the legacy of their predecessors. We created a “Hangover Las Vegas” theme, capturing the most famous scenes from the movie “The Hangover:” Caesar’s Palace garden, the dentist’s office, the bathroom tiger, and the wedding chapel. Like in the movie, this event would help people form real friendships with some quirky mayhem and surprises along the way.

Keep Calm and Keep It Movin'

Local Labor Protest: On the day of the event, it was announced that a portion of the Las Vegas Strip would be closed for a labor protest. Knowing this would severely hinder many of our suppliers, we immediately called each of them to warn them of the challenge and request that they allow extra time to get to the loading dock. This became a true challenge for one particular supplier, who was not able to get into the dock at all due to the protest. Due to our extensive experience operating programs at the hotel, we helped them find a way up to the deck just in time.

Pool Deck Preservation: Because the hotel had just completed a $15 million renovation of their pool deck, extra precaution had to be taken to ensure it was preserved for its grand opening the following morning. Prior to the load-in of our suppliers, plastic and cardboard panels had to be installed to protect the deck.

Loading Dock: The loading dock at the hotel is small and was a greater challenge than usual given the number of suppliers we were using for this over-the-top event. To combat this, load-in became a perfectly choreographed cycle of movement. The hotel also has only one elevator. This, in combination with the long distance from the dock to the pool, meant a lot of additional journey time for our suppliers.

Weather: Having the event on the pool deck introduced several new variables. The March weather in Las Vegas is uncertain, with no wind at one moment and 50-mph gusts the next. The wind can not only become destructive for the décor but cause injury to guests; it was essential that we take this into account. To ensure maximum safety, we met with our audio-visual supplier to discuss how to best secure various decorative elements. Although certain safety precautions meant we could not use particular design elements in the space, we strategically reevaluated the décor and came up with alternatives that would achieve our objectives for both safety and aesthetics. We also ensured that a main focal point of the pool area, a 10-ft Elvis Tree, was weighted down properly.

The Final Exclamation

Like a literal hangover, it was time to leave the fun behind. We made sure that each supplier removed their items from the pool overnight, since the reveal was scheduled for the next day. This particular event was one that held a lot of emotional investment for the client and a large financial stake for the hotel. As the middle man responsible for being both the voice and vision of the client, while also serving as the liaison with the hotel, we were able to provide creative solutions that went above and beyond our client’s expectations. Due to the success of this program and our demonstration of commitment to the client as well as the priorities of the hotel, we earned the ability to have a repeat performance in 2019!

Creative flexibility? Check. Preservation of our hotel partner’s sizable investment into their property? Check. It’s what we do!