Case Study

The Ballroom Blitz

In February 2019, we executed a program for a Fortune 500 American clinical laboratory at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center that required elaborate designs, outside-the-box ingenuity, and a little bit of hustle.

pull-quotes You all were the one component of the entire program that never gave us a pause
—  Fortune 500 American Clinical Laboratory

Let's Start at the Beginning

While we had serviced this client in other destinations, they were in search of a DMC that could pull off an event that would host, feed, and entertain 1,650 guests in this new market. Needless to say, the bid for this program was highly competitive. To satisfy their requirements, we did extensive preparation with multiple presentations and showcases. Our persistence paid off as our confident and inventive pitch both realized their vision and helped cement Hello! Nashville as the clear choice.

Keep Calm and Hustle On

One major task was to comfortably seat guests in event spaces that were not originally designed to accommodate such a large capacity. We worked closely with the hotel to design multiple seating options that would not only fit all of the attendees but also leave room for guest mobility and food and beverage flow.

This multi-day program also required interior and exterior resourcefulness, since several events we were hosting only allowed a short amount of time for us to set up. On the second night, we were only given a three-hour window to get everything in place for an experience on Delta Island. We worked closely with suppliers and resort staff to pre-stage elements around the hotel to allow for expedited installation.

For the final night’s closing event, we had planned a very elaborate and highly-designed gala celebration inside the resort’s ballroom. Unfortunately, access to a portion of the ballroom would not become available until mid-day. This challenge required an all-hands-on-deck blitz to get the rest of the ballroom prepared in time. We again had to pre-stage numerous elements (while keeping a cohesive and unobtrusive look,) and increase labor to finish the room once it became fully available.

The Final Exclamation

At the end of the day, all our hustle resulted in a satisfying and memorable experience for both our client and their guests. In fact, they were so pleased with our overall performance that they not only gave us the highest marks on our post-event survey but commented that we were the one component of the entire program that never gave them pause.

Outstanding, efficient, and worry-free guest experiences delivered in record time—proof that we won’t slow down until we reach the finish line. It’s what we do!