Case Study

A Journey Through the Desert Landscape

Hello! Arizona produced the final event for a global management consulting firm’s “All-Hands Meeting” at The Phoenician resort. The 7.5-hour reception, dinner, and after-party was attended by a group of 800 international guests.

Distinct Spaces
International Guests
pull-quotes The biggest challenge was living up to guest expectations after an unexpected relocation from the lush tropical rain forest of Dominica to Scottsdale, Arizona

Let's Start at the Beginning

The client had originally chosen Dominica for their event, but were forced to relocate following concerns over the Zika virus. They decided on Scottsdale, Arizona and The Phoenician, where they asked for three distinct spaces throughout the evening: an elegant dinner, a raving after-party, and some relaxed space where guests could intimately network.

Keep Calm and Journey On

The biggest challenge was living up to guest expectations after an unexpected relocation from Dominica, a Caribbean island with natural hot springs and lush tropical rainforests. We wanted to create a completely new desert experience for them—one that appreciated their vibrant company culture and international roots. Our goal was to create a smooth transition from Dominica to Arizona that the client would look back on and be thrilled about.

For the overall design, we created a “Desert Chic” look with spaces that embraced both boldness and restraint. To achieve a desert look that deviated from the typical brown palette we used inspiration from the velvety textures and rich colors of desert plants, which often have a velvety layer on their surface to protect them from the harsh natural elements. We used a mixture of tables and furniture to create an eclectic vibe often found in classic western designs. Centerpieces included bold desert blooms and succulents set in modern terrariums and clean white vases, which were a perfect illustration of how the modern and growing cities in Arizona combine with the natural desert elements.

The separate after-party space meant guests would travel from one ballroom to another, so we used this opportunity to create a desert-inspired journey using desert foliage mixed with larger-than-life lighted steel cacti. Along the way guests were greeted with Silent DJ headphones, ensuring that their journey was a grand adventure that started the party before they even got to the room. The overall design was inspired by a hybrid between a hunting lodge and a modern saloon, with the vibe of a modern club.

A secondary space was opened after the party began to allow guests to casually relax and enjoy the cool, crisp desert night. Our team weaved local culture into the event by bringing food trucks to serve late-night bites. We designed menu signs for the food trucks with graphics that put a modern twist on traditional Southwestern motifs. We then applied the same principal by using modern southwest inspired patterns throughout the space on the linens and lounge groupings.

The Final Exclamation

Over the course of the night, we took guests on a journey through all of the elements that make Scottsdale an ideal destination—the hidden luxury of the desert landscape, the laid back Western charm, and the vibrant, budding local culture. The client was thrilled with the event, which was nominated for an ADMEI 2018 “Best Innovative Events $50,001 – $100,000” award.

We couldn’t be prouder of our teams for exceeding our clients’ expectations with an exuberant and dynamic environment that brimmed with all of the possibilities that Arizona has to offer. After all, it’s what we do!