Case Study

The Titans of Transportation

What keeps a client coming back to Orlando and our Hello! Florida (Central) team for eight years running? A lot of logistical prowess and dedication to excellence. Keep reading to find out how our experts successfully managed an intricate program for 25,000 guests of a major enterprise software company.

Different Resorts
pull-quotes We wanted you to be aware of the outstanding service we received from your entire staff…It is impressive to come here year after year and see the same team in place. That says a great deal about your management
—  Major Enterprise Software Company

Let's Start at the Beginning

This repeat client holds their annual conference in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center each year. As in years past, our team handled the transportation, bus wraps, staffing, on- and off-property events, theme décor, and more. The difference? With attendance growing each year, in 2018 we managed the program for an astounding 25,000 guests over three days.

Keep Calm and Roll On


With the clients’ guests staying at 49 different hotels, our Hello! Florida (Central) team had their work cut out for them in developing a logistical plan that would provide direct and efficient transportation for all attendees. Collaboration and experience melded together perfectly to create a daily shuttle service that spanned 15 different routes using 106 buses and the help of 72 staff members.

In addition to the daily shuttle service, one of the major challenges each year is transporting all attendees to a concert at the Amway Center in the heart of busy downtown Orlando. While normally a little daunting, our team was facing an additional challenge this year: a major thoroughfare – Interstate 4 – is currently undergoing heavy construction. Multiple off-ramps were closed, which resulted in our teams having to meticulously re-route the buses from any typical paths. Overall, we were able to accomplish this massive undertaking through the use of 202 buses, 100 staff, and 11 police officers to block off multiple downtown streets.



Branding the bus transportation was important to the client, who asked for 99 bus wraps. Ever the go-getters, our Hello! Florida (Central) team divided and conquered all 99 buses in just 24 hours using 16 different install locations and four teams. The client was thrilled with the end result; everywhere guests looked, the company’s logo and branding took center stage.


On- and Off-Property Events

Over the course of the three-day program we were tasked with operating 31 on- and off-property events – everything from a basketball networking event and off-property dinners to on-property events with theme décor. Whether it was a 770-guest reception to a lunch for 20, our 18 account managers and countless account coordinators made sure each event was both successful and memorable.

The Final Exclamation

This program is a huge undertaking each year but we couldn’t be more appreciative of our client’s loyalty and dedication to our partnership. The feeling is mutual, as our client followed up after the program with this note:

“We wanted you to be aware of the outstanding service we received from your entire staff…It is impressive to come here year after year and see the same team in place. That says a great deal about your management….Although no event comes without its challenges…each [member of the team] went above and beyond to make sure our event was a complete success. I am always so impressed with how quickly any request or concern was addressed by each of them. Again, we would like to express our gratitude for all the hard work. We look forward to a very successful repeat in 2019 in Orlando and to work with your fine staff once again! We know we can expect the best.”

Need to move 25,000 people throughout the city, including the heart of busy downtown Orlando? We’ve got you covered with the best routes and expert logistics. It’s what we do!