Case Study

A Marvelously Mysterious Masquerade

The client wanted a Masquerade-themed event for 1,700 of their employees at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center the immersed their guest in an experience they could really connect with.

Ballroom Seating
pull-quotes Attendees were swept into a mysterious world where, for a few hours, co-workers could mask their identity and meet for the first time

Let's Start at the Beginning

A leading American clinical laboratory hosted a Masquerade-themed event for 1,700 of its employees at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. The night’s event featured luxurious décor that transformed the room into a masquerade ball and included over eight different table décor and soft seating looks with custom centerpieces. Crystal chandeliers glittered overhead while large swags of velvet drapes hung from the ceiling. Attendees were swept into a mysterious world where, for a few hours, co-workers could mask their identity and meet for the first time.

Keep Calm and Play On

Our client wanted an opening night party that immersed guests in a theme they could connect with. We decided on a Masquerade due to its versatility, relatability, and ease of interaction. Attendees were notified of the theme weeks before the conference so they could prepare a mask or costume. But let’s face it—not everyone has time to pre-plan and as we all know, sometimes “stuff” just happens. To help, we had interactive mask-fitting stations throughout the meeting space the day of the event to assist attendees in picking out their masks. Our clever planners also knew this would generate buzz and build anticipation for the evening.

We were also asked to build the design for 100% seating, but without having a sea of tables in the ballroom. Despite the size of the ballroom, it was no small task to achieve that while simultaneously making it look intimate and purposeful. Our solution was to use the furniture and tables as part of the décor. We used the columns, chandeliers, and drapes to create pockets of seating and lounge groupings while moving furniture into intimate spots that fostered casual conversation. The result was an immaculate look that was as cozy as it was grand.

Imagine preparing an event that would take two days to load in, and then being asked to strike it in a mere four hours. If you’re thinking “Yikes,” so were we. Always up for a challenge, we found creative ways to repurpose lighting structures that were used in other conference events, and designed with large scenic pieces of décor that could be broken down easily. We also created pathways throughout the space that would allow multiple suppliers to access their products, so items could be broken down by different teams at the same time (oh how we love efficiency.)

The Final Exclamation

It was a great compliment when the client sang our praises in our post-event survey, yet it was an even bigger compliment when they returned to repeat the conference the following year. They were so pleased with our service that they chose us as their DMC without bidding the program out to others, which is the highest compliment any client can give.

Ingenuity? Check. Wiping of multiple brows after working like crazy to ensure flawless service? Check. It’s what we do!