Case Study

Seaside Soiree

Hello! California (Southern) designed and produced the Leaders Conference of a large insurance group for 300 guests at the Terranea Resort in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. Tasked with curating a six-day incentive program consisting of three evening functions and daily tours and activities, our team tackled all elements within this program from the initial hotel site visit to the last guest’s departure. With the goal in mind to thank top producers for their dedication to their craft and incentivize future sales, Hello! continuously gave attendees moments to revel in their success.

Day Program
Ferris Wheel
pull-quotes Upon completion of the conference, our client planning team was so thrilled at the level of execution of the variety of designs that they were moved to tears, making it all worth it

Let's Start at the Beginning

Welcome Reception: After guests settled into their rooms and freshened up, the party-goers stepped outside onto the Palos Verdes Terrace for an action-packed cocktail hour including a ukulele serenade, thematic games, and a California sunset to remember. Hors d’oeuvres were rolled out on bicycle buffets and lured guests to the lawn, where the entertainment transitioned to Yacht Rock. The entire space was created for networking, with classic themed games, tee pee lounges, and an assortment of tables. Finally, the element that created the most buzz in all of Ranchos Palos Verdes, was the 40’ Ferris Wheel that gave guests unlimited rides and breathtaking views.

Top Producers Club: On night three of their conference, the select few who made the Top Producers Club were taken off-property to celebrate their special achievements. For this night, the underground artistic culture of California opened its proverbial arms to welcome guests into an historic venue that was made new by design. We wanted this to feel like a family dinner, so we incorporated communal seating with a mix of oval tables, luxurious textures, and an exorbitant amount of fresh floral. Playing off the industrial era, a costumed stomp performance wrapped up the dinner with a percussion bang!

Final Night: The final evening wrapped up the conference with a regal flair. Guests were transported to the Queen Mary where we took cues from the Edwardian Era and gave them new life with the use of modern textiles. We connected multiple disjointed spaces with the use of entertainment that was decked out in attire that complemented the venue. Breaking up the dinner courses, three entertainment performances wowed attendees. A musical trio performing “SING SING” kicked off the soiree, followed by a champagne bottle walker (on Queen Mary champagne, no less!) and finally a 14-piece band that transitioned into full dance party following desserts.

Keep Calm and Sail On

The Ferris Wheel: Terranea Resort hosts many intimate luxury groups throughout the property. However, with a lack of large outdoor space, they haven’t been able to produce as many corporate functions with inclusions like a full-scale Ferris Wheel. After several meetings with the resort, insurance departments, horticultural department, engineering, and working extensively with the local fire marshal office– our team got it approved and the Ferris Wheel made for the ultimate guest experience! The Ferris Wheel attracted so much attention that we had our security team in place ensuring there were no party crashers from the six weddings taking place on property that same evening.

Queen Mary: The client initially had some concerns about the Queen Mary, feeling like the spaces may be too disconnected and not private enough. We overcame their worries and showed the potential of the space by using entertainment to isolate the guests from the public and connect the spaces. The experience began at arrival, where guests were greeted by jovial dancing bellhops before being escorted to the lobby level by elevator attendants. White gloved servers tray-passed champagne while a solo harpist played soothing background music…and that’s just a sample of this posh evening!

The Final Exclamation

Throughout the six days that guests were in sunny California, they were pampered in every way. From daily spa appointments to fully themed evening events, attendees felt that their hard work had paid off. We used unexpected statement pieces like the Ferris Wheel throughout the program to meet our client’s goal of encouraging future sales through “wow” while also serving as bragging rights for the attendees back home. Upon completion of the conference, our client planning team was so thrilled at the level of execution of the variety of designs that they were moved to tears, making it all worth it.

Want breathtaking views and a program that brings tears of joy? Yeah, we can do that. It’s what we do!