​Days filled with meetings, an abundance of tasks on the to-do list, and not nearly enough time to get it all done. Sound familiar? The adverse effects of stress on our health are well documented, but we still don’t take the time to slow down and just…breathe. October was established as Emotional Wellness Month to help raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being. Take a break and read about some of our favorite workshops that will keep your guests energized and engaged.

Goat Yoga (“Goga”)

“If you’re not familiar with the goat yoga trend, you’re in for a real treat,” says Hello! Texas Product Development Manager Patsy Phillips. Goga is a 45-minute Vinyasa yoga session with baby dwarf goats, who act as your workout buddies for the entire session. Each class caters to the yoga novice, and attendees are encouraged to pet, play, interact, or even do yoga poses with the goats. You might be asking yourself, what do goats have to do with yoga? These adorable animals are meant to make your session even more relaxing and carefree and less intimidating for new yogis to get into the sport. It’s playful, it’s fun…and we’ll be honest…it’s just darn cute.

Goat Yoga

Small Animal Petting Zoo

Speaking of animals…did you know a study showed that having a dog in the room when you’re under stress lowered blood pressure better than taking blood pressure medication? Help your guests connect with the cute by using some break time to handle puppies, bunnies, hedgehogs, chicks, and a wide variety of other animals.

Petting Zoo

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Hello! California (Southern) Director of Sales Romy Linde has a way to take yoga to another level. “Come enjoy the ancient practice of yoga combined with stand up paddle boarding!” she says. These classes take the most popular yoga routines and puts them on the water. Yoga practice brings balance and restores all bodily systems by creating physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Both yoga and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) are great for building better balance, coordination, endurance, and body strength. Certified coaches will teach paddle techniques and guide guests through a fun and safe lesson along with an eco-tour of Mission Bay.

Paddle Board Yoga

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Your attendees’ health and energy may be put to the test if they are traveling for a conference and then attending meetings all day. The stress of travel can make even the healthiest eaters run to the first fast food restaurant they see. Guests will learn simple tricks to overcome common obstacles and help them make better choices along the way that will reduce inflammation and swelling while providing a boost of energy and confidence.


Stillness is a powerful practice; it triggers a relaxation response that only happens when we stop and slow down. Meditation allows us to focus on our breath and reorganize our thoughts, which opens up space for our inner wisdom to sink in. The sense of relaxation from the experience stays with you and leads to a happier, healthier life with less stress. Self-awareness is really at the heart of mindfulness, which in turn, leads to emotional healing.

Hello! Washington, D.C. Product Development Manager Danielle Guido has seen great success with group meditation. “Regardless of its size, meditation in a group setting can be very powerful. Guests are able to come together to set positive intentions, amplify the experience through their collective energy, and even strengthen their connections,” she says.


Tools and Tips for Eating Healthy in the Workplace

There are simple steps employees can take to boost their energy in a healthy way. “Hello! Florida has a great workshop that shows guests how to sleep better and make simple food changes for overall life improvement,” says Jen Hosler, Hello! Florida (Central) Director of Product Development. Guests will love learning how to take control of their nutrition to help them have more energy throughout the day. Real-life success stories, myth-busting tips, and exercises with other participants make this a high-energy workshop with phenomenal “take home” tips.


“We offer an extremely popular workshop that gives guests a rejuvenating introduction to the world of pure aromatherapy,” says Hello! Arizona Product Development Manager Tait Moline. Guests will be introduced to a gallery of herbs and learn how essential oils are created, the therapeutic and restorative properties of each oil, and a bit of herbal folklore. Touch the featured living plant and smell the essence of each plant’s flowers, leaves, roots, and berries that are captured in the essential oil and even make a custom-blend. They may even learn economically effective and efficient ways to use essential oils for therapeutic purposes such as calming digestion, healing skin, or keeping the “bugs at bay.”


Ready to start focusing on emotional wellness?

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