Innovation. It’s what excites us and defines us as the leading DMC in the country. Our never-ending pursuit of the latest trends featuring cutting-edge technology means your guests are awestruck with incredible experiences. Take a look at some of our favorite new ways to incorporate technology into your next program.

Elevate Your Photo Booths

Rock ‘n Roll Slow-Mo Photo Booth

Hello! Texas Director of Creative Services, Aaron T. Tharp, used his ingenuity and some inspiration from the fashion world to create a slo-mo photo booth experience for one of our clients using LED lighting and rock ‘n roll music. “Our goal was to reimagine a typical slo-mo photo booth and give guests an experience that made them feel like a rock star,” Tharp says. While traditional photo booths are great for guests on the inside, those on the outside can feel left out or restless to see what’s happening. To help with this fear of missing out, rather than use a small exterior screen, we project the excitement happening inside on the outside of the photo booth to drive attention and create a feeling of inclusion. Guests can choose to have a printed photo or a full video clip to share their experience. The end-result is a high-impact photo activation with a minimal footprint and respectable price. Take a look at our footage sample featuring Aaron T. Tharp:

Aaron T. Tharp

Calligram Photo Booth

Switch it up with a photo booth that takes a picture of your guests and reconstructs it using words or a piece of text. Hello! Arizona’s Director of Sales, Mark Jarrell, says “From a corporate mission statement to an inspirational quote or poem, clients can use nearly anything to put their personal spin on the old saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.'”

Calligram Photo

3-D Printing

Glenn Allison, Vice President of Hello! California (Northern) in San Francisco says, “The coolest technology trend lately is 3-D printing of headshots during events. Guests take a 360-degree photo, which is then fed into a 3-D printer. A photo-quality, full-color representation of the person is then carved in hard plastic.” The carvings are then mailed to the guests (since they take a while to print); however, a few are created during the event so guests can see the process in action and get excited to see their own carving.

A New Kind of Art

In a new trend called Brainwave Art, guests don a state-of-the-art EEG headset that collects and analyzes their brainwave information. The information then streams wirelessly in real-time to project their emotions as abstract artwork on a digital canvas. There’s no mess or artistic ability required for the session, which only takes minutes. Once the painting is complete, guests can sign their masterpiece for one of the most unique takeaway gifts.

Brainwave Art

Digital Immersion

Hello! Washington, D.C. Director of Creative Services Molly A. Hoyt, CMP loves this amazing offering at the new ARTECHOUSE museum. Opened in June 2017, ARTECHOUSE has been featured by the New York Times, BBC, USA Today, National Geographic, CNN, and more for its digitally immersive exhibits. This cutting-edge museum closes for private rentals, where the digital experience can be customized for clients and their guests. ARTECHOUSE also features an Augmented Reality (AR) bar which serves drinks activated by a free AR mobile app.


Hello! Florida (South) Director of Sales, Kelly Kruszewski, is also a fan of video mapping. “For a recent site visit, we used LED screens and projected video mapping on a large mask to demonstrate the possibilities for a masquerade party.”

Digital Immersion Collage

Take Flight

Drone Shows

A personalized drone show is the perfect solution for clients who want an over-the-top “WOW!” experience. During a recent program by Hello! Arizona, we launched two manned drones and hovered them over the event to capture guests’ attention. As the music began, the drones flew toward Camelback Mountain, a picturesque mountain visible behind The Phoenician. The drones descended behind the mountain before rising with 23 additional drones to perform a 12-minute synchronized light show. Once the amazing spectacle was complete, the drones began to descend one at a time behind the mountains as if they were falling stars. With audible gasps, guests were on their feet (with their phones out, of course!) and mesmerized for the entire show. Click here to see a brief clip of the drones in action:

Drone Show Collage

Drone Cocktail Experience

The drone cocktail experience begins with one simple choice…shaken or stirred! Whichever you choose, the drone will then fly up to mix the cockail, carry it back to the bartender to pour, and then deliver the cocktail directly to the guest. To create a shareable experience, each flight starts with a picture of the guest, captures video of the event as it takes flight, and ends by delivering the cocktail with a video of the entire journey to enjoy and share.

Drone Bartender Collage

New Dining Experiences

LED Tabletop Dining

Hello! Arizona Event Designer Tressa Rini recently produced a dinner for members of a luxury-lifestyle magazine. To create a high-end experience that was truly unique, our team designed an eight-course interactive dining experience featuring an LED tabletop that displayed graphics to match each course of the dinner. From swirling animations to graphics that grew like flourishes, each one was synchronized to the elegant white glove dinner service. Through our ingenuity, we were able to deliver something unexpected to guests who thought they’d seen everything, and snag an ADMEI award for “Excellence in Technology Integration.”

LED Tabletop

Tabletop Video Mapping

Guests will smile with delight as they’re entertained by state-of-the-art tabletop video mapping using the latest technology. Customize your show to tell a story with mind-boggling visuals that will leave your guests mesmerized.

Tabletop Video Mapping

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