A truly fun and interactive experience, “The A-MAZE-ING Find” had guests twist and turn through a maze-designed event space while discovering hidden treasures along the way. With a sense of intrigue and mystery, guests never knew what excitement awaited them around the corner.

Hello! Florida (South) produced this familiarization trip event, otherwise known as a FAM, for an association of event professionals hosted by the JW Turnberry Resort and Spa in Miami. The resort had recently been renovated, and this was a great opportunity to showcase their brand-new aesthetic, cuisine, and event spaces. To meet the client’s idea of an “orchestrated serendipity” theme and the resort’s desire to show off its renovations, our team developed the concept of this maze-themed event.

To create the maze trails, and make “orchestrated serendipity” come to life, various hedge, brick, and pallet walls were lined up around the 5,000 square foot Corsair Lawn. We placed the event outside since the vibrant, green grass matched the earthy maze walls and created a cohesive look for the space. Wooden furniture groupings and cocktail seating were strategically placed in different configurations to add more depth to the area. Mirrored décor and furniture formed a reflective element, playfully puzzling guests trying to find their way around the lawn.

The deeper guests went into the maze, the more bewildered they became! Each “Pocket of Interest” featured food or drinks from a different restaurant at the resort. Different types of immersive elements were woven throughout the trails to create the perfect photo ops. Natural wood swings, branded string art, pen making stations, and more were in crevices of the maze just waiting to be found.

Our client loved this theme because of the energetic atmosphere, fun twist to an event space, and guest interaction. Contact our team at Hello! Florida (South) for more details on how your next event can be A-MAZE-ING, too.