“I hate receiving a ‘Thank You’ for my hard work,” said no one EVER. November is all about giving thanks, which should also be an important part of your program. Saying “Thank You” isn’t just about showing appreciation; it’s about making attendees
feel how much you value them. The best part is that deep appreciation doesn’t have to mean deep pockets. Here are our top 5 ways you can put an extra “Thank You” in your next program.

1) Give the Gift of Choice

Pop-up shops and markets can offer great gifts, but be sure to recognize each person’s individuality. Rather than create a one-size-fits-all gift bag or a shop where attendees line up to take one of each generic item, create a gift market where each person chooses their own scent of soap, color of flip flops, style of sunglasses, or type of chocolate. Each person receives the same item, but it’s special to them in how and why they chose it.

Pop-up shops featuring items such as name-brand sunglasses, designer beach towels, shoes, handbags, watches, and luggage will not only “WOW” attendees, but also allows each attendee to choose what is most valuable to
them (because let’s be honest, not everyone has the same affection for bright yellow handbags.

Pop Up Shop and Gift Market Events

Markets have the added benefit of creating an interactive experience during registration. You can even celebrate the destination and get your attendees excited for the days ahead. For example, Hello! Arizona loves to include gifts such as authentic Native American textiles and baskets, hand-crafted pottery with traditional Southwest designs, or soaps and lotions made with natural local ingredients such as aloe, sage, wild rose, cacti, and jojoba in their pop-up shops.

2) Be Socially Responsible

Another popular option is to give a gift that shows your company’s commitment to social responsibility. There’s an endless array of choices, such as buying sunglasses for attendees where money from your purchase is shared with a charitable program that fights childhood blindness. Your gift markets can include items such as Sudara loungwear, which is created in fair-trade conditions by women once trapped in the sex trade. Unique full-length pants, capris, robes, and men’s styles are available, with each print named after an Indian seamstress whose life was saved. You can even take your speed-painting entertainment to the next level with an artist that donates the painting to your charity of choice, or gives back a portion of their fee to charitable initiatives.

3) Shout It from the Rooftops

Looking for an easy, budget-friendly approach? Two words: Social media. People love recognition, so finding a way to recognize your guests through today’s most popular networking tools is a great way to say thank you while interacting with your attendees AND your page followers. Post or tweet
specific messages of appreciation to highlight an employee’s efforts, or monitor your conference hashtag (make sure you have one!) and share or retweet your guests’ experiences.

Social Media Sharing Events Thank You

4) Recognize the Best of the Best

Let’s be clear…every guest at your event should feel welcome and appreciated. But kick it up a notch for employees who have gone the extra mile to demonstrate their passion and commitment to the company. Create an exclusive mini-program prior to the start of your event, or even set aside a red carpet area for your top performers during your kick-off event or final night reception.

5) A Welcome Surprise

It’s been a long day of travel. You arrive at your hotel, complete registration, and then shuffle up to your room…where you’re greeted by a destination-inspired gift box filled with hand-crafted items from local artisans! Room drops can be traditional (local sweets, candles, lotion, jellies, etc.) or even a little cheeky (“Hangover Kits” with all the headache, breath, and tummy essentials attendees will need to rebound from your amazing welcome reception.) The best part? Working in tandem with local artisans also supports small businesses within the community.  Finding ways to say “Thank You” may seem small, but it makes a big difference in the eyes of your guests.

Welcome Surprise Room Drop Gift Thank You Events

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