Bringing the Outside Indoors

In recognition of “National Garden Month,” we’re revealing how you can soften up the indoors with a bit of the great outdoors. It’s more than just adding a lot of flowers. From amazing entrances to unique décor and earthy centerpieces, here’s a look at how our teams bring their green thumbs to corporate events.

Make an Entrance

Let guests know they’re not in for your traditional corporate event by creating soft and inviting entrances to welcome them. Transition hallways can even be decorated to connect guests from one space to another without breaking the organic feel.

Make an Entrance

Use the Unique

Use unique décor to create surprise and delight moments that will bring a smile to guests’ faces. Grass-covered furniture ushers in a tactile moment that puts the natural feeling at guests’ fingertips…literally. High-boy covers can turn a traditional table into a one-of-a-kind piece of décor that blends into the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Grass Seating and Log Highboy

You can also bring elements that guests would typically see outdoors into the event with a modern twist, such as living statues that double as a water fountain to create a true Instagram-worthy photo opp.

Water Fountain Statues

A recent Hello! Las Vegas client wanted a different kind of welcome reception; one that encouraged attendees to relax and network without the pressures put onto them by the traditional networking lounges or ballrooms. They wanted a respite from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip and also from the packed conference schedule. We talked through several different themes and ultimately landed on the idea of bringing the outside inside to create a park-like setting. Executive Producer/Department Director Michael Brown says, “By bringing this outdoor setting inside to the ballroom, we were able to have the best of both worlds and create the look and feel our client wanted. Oversized games brought some fun into the space to help with networking, while an ivy-wrapped, oversized adult swing helped guests feel like a kid again.”

Ivy Wrapped Adult Swing

Beautiful Backdrops

Let’s be honest…bare ballroom walls and dividers can ruin the look you spend so much of your budget trying to achieve. Backdrops are helpful for fully immersing your guests into a theme, as well as creating an organic photo opp. Hello! Florida used picturesque backdrops of Tuscany, paired with accompanying drapery, hedges, and trees, during a recent event to really bring the “A Night in Tuscany” theme to life.

Tuscany Backdrop 1

Tuscany Backdrop 2

Earthy Enhancements

Set the mood for the event with natural touches such as patterned gobo lighting. Wooden chandeliers and other wooden décor elements bring an earthy element that almost begs to be smelled.

Earthy Enhancements Collage

Hello! Nashville recently operated a program for a client that wanted an outdoor feel as well as a fun, quiet space that was separate from the musical entertainment in the ballroom. Creative Services Executive Producer/Department Director Aaron Sayre says, “To achieve the ambience our client asked for, we brought in hedge wall dividers to separate the space and turf grass carpet for an authentic lawn feel. Adirondack chairs, picnic-style tables, and traditional backyard lawn games completed the look while café lights were strung overhead for a space that felt completely different than the ballroom and gave a distinct outdoor appearance.”

Traditional Backyard Lounge

Set the Table

Yes, flowers are a traditional staple for centerpieces and certainly help in creating a natural look. However, kick things up a notch by incorporating elements such as moss, twine, butterflies, and even lanterns that are reminiscent of the lightning bugs we chased and captured as children.

Table Centerpieces 1

Family-style and picnic-table seating are perfectly complimented by long centerpieces that feel as if they were freshly picked from the fields and lovingly placed for a family affair.

Centerpiece Examples 2

Like what you see? Contact us for information about the items in these photos or for more ideas and inspiration.