Hello! Arizona Drone Show

A Fortune 100 financial services organization recently celebrated their 100-year anniversary at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona. In a setting that fit perfectly with their theme of “Celestial Centennial,” the client chose to have their event on the lawn of the resort where they could delight in this joyous occasion under the stars.

Since this was an impressive milestone for the company, it was very important that this celebration have a “WOW!” experience for their guests. They particularly wanted an experience that would be forward-thinking and innovative, alluding to the continued bright future for the company. Our Hello! Arizona team began to brainstorm and posed the question, “What if the stars came to life in front of guests’ eyes?” It became clear that a personalized drone show was the perfect solution for our client’s wants and needs.

Drone Show Collage 1

The night of the event, over 20 drones launched simultaneously from a resort rooftop, in perfect view of the guests. To tease the upcoming show and capture attention, the drones hovered for a few minutes and then landed again. The drones then launched for the full show in a way that made it seem as if stars were floating toward guests from Camelback Mountain, a picturesque mountain visible behind The Phoenician. The drones then began a 12-minute, perfectly choreographed show with accompanying music. Once the amazing spectacle was complete, the drones began to descend one at a time, appearing as if they were stars falling behind the mountain.

Drone Show Collage 2

Guests’ reaction was exactly what our clients had hoped for. With audible gasps, guests were on their feet (with their phones out, of course!) and mesmerized for the entire 12-minute show. To truly personalize the experience, our team even made sure that the client’s conference logo – a yellow heart – was included in the show.

Drone Show Conference Logo

Our client was extremely appreciative that we were able to dream big and then make it all come true. They loved being on the forefront of something new and exciting, and were thrilled that we were able to deliver the kind of “WOW!” experience they were looking for.

Drone Show Fireworks

Sad you missed it? Don’t worry! Click here to see a brief clip of the drones in action: