At Hello!, we like to keep the themes of our programs hidden until the last possible moment so that when our guests are en-route to an event, they have no idea of what to expect. We want their anticipation to build and their interests to pique so that we can deliver a satisfying crescendo of overwhelming excitement. In order to manifest such positive and memorable reactions, we strategically transform every aspect of our programs into surprisingly interactive and entertaining themed-experiences. It’s our “Cure for the Common Conference.”


We like to immerse our attendees from the moment they step off their transport. For instance, as guests unloaded their shuttles at an Arizona program for top-performing financial advisors held at The Biltmore, they were instantly transported back to the Roaring Twenties as vintage bellhops greeted them with customized dances. The time-travel transformation was part of our overall theme that included the lavish excess of a Gatsby party with the historical luxury of the Wrigley Mansion.

Arrival Collage Hello! DMC

To prepare attendees for a night of mystery, we surprised guests arriving at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami with strolling, colorful Cocoon Walkers—creating a wow factor that set an “expect the unexpected” tone for the evening with their eccentric performance art.


To break up the monotony of checking-in to an event, we like to provide arriving guests with designated areas of engagement during the registration process. After their choreographed greeting from the bellhops, the guests at the above-mentioned Arizona Biltmore program were led inside to a fully-themed 1920s registration area complete with telephone operators and our hospitality staff in costumes from that era.

Wrigley Gum Packets Hello! DMC

Bowls filled with packs of Wrigley’s Gum were also placed throughout the lobby. Each of the 3,000 hand-wrapped gum packets contained custom-designed wrappers with clues that hinted at the evening’s theme at Wrigley Mansion.

We’ve also coined our own term to help distinguish a Hello! registration area from the rest. With “regiceptions,” we’ve transformed the registration process into a VIP reception. No more outdated easels and meeting packets! Our joint registration and reception events welcome guests to a fun and comfortable environment by integrating technology and excitement into an otherwise mundane experience.

Regiception Collage Hello! DMC

Our visually-appealing, themed regiceptions are popular for introducing attendees to a memorable event while also connecting them with all the information they’ll need during their stay.


We understand that attendees could get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy conference while trying to navigate unfamiliar surroundings. That’s why we go out of our way to clearly mark the location of each days’ events with customized directional guides strategically placed throughout each venue. We often like to take it a step further by enlisting the services of others to help notify attendees of where the party’s at.

Orlando Magic Drumline Hello! DMC

To make the long walk from the Gaylord Palms’ breakfast ballroom to the general session in its Osceola Ballroom a magical one, we used the Orlando Magic Drumline to guide the parade route. Not only did it infuse an entertaining and enthusiastic feeling to the proceedings, but it also helped fill the ballroom in record time.

LED Drummers Hello! DMC

At an event for an international healthcare services organization in Miami, we elevated the mundane task of loading onto an elevator by playing into the mystery of the guests’ unknown destination. LED Drummers escorted attendees to the elevator entrances while offering an exciting beat that foreshadowed a truly extraordinary evening. To additionally enhance the one-night-only exclusivity of the client’s product launch, custom branding was positioned on all three elevators that lifted guests to a transformative and immersive event experience.

General Sessions

Conferences aren’t complete without a general session, but at Hello!, we don’t let business get in the way of comfort. Instead of going with the traditional classroom seating arrangements for general sessions, we switched-up the layout by incorporating natural elements and cozy furniture.

General Session Collage Hello! DMC

By incorporating individual seats, sofas, and twin-seat tables, the general session was transformed from a stuffy classroom into a cooperative think-space. The more comfortable and inviting atmosphere helped inspire open discussion, conversation, and collaboration.


While all good things must come to an end, we are determined to send our guests off in style. At the end of the program held at the Arizona Biltmore, our team created a Pan Am-inspired departure bar. Departing guests were provided with snacks, magazines, hand sanitizer, and other essentials for their journey—yet another thoughtful way to send attendees home feeling like the VIPs they are.

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