​Hello! can provide any transportation services for our clients, including airport arrivals and departures or off-site, tour, and specialty transfers. Custom themed events often take center stage, but transportation is actually a frequent and key part of the services we provide. Whether it’s a large bus move or luxury vehicles for your VIPs, our teams provide some sort of transportation service every day for groups of all sizes—whether that’s 10 or 10,000. Take the weight off your shoulders; we’re happy to put it on ours.

Single Point of Contact

These are four very important and powerful words: SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT. We constantly monitor our drivers to ensure that vehicles are dispatched in a timely manner, including calling or texting us when they’re ready to pick up a client as well as when they depart with them to their destination. Even though the transportation supplier’s dispatch may be monitoring the situation, our account manager serves as one point of contact between the client and dispatch, rather than the client having to go through the often painful experience of a general customer service number. If the issue or need is after-hours, clients could speak to multiple people. With us, you have one point of contact who manages it all…any time, any day…no customer service lines required.

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We’re also in constant communication with the hotel or resort that our clients’ guests are staying in, walking them through the loading process, how and where the guests will line up, where the buses will pick up, where and when the buses will stage, what other groups we will encounter, any timing issues…the list goes on and on. This kind of full communication is paramount to an easy, stress-free process. Similarly, we’re also in communication with the venue on the drop-off and return locations, the bus staging areas, and the flow for the evening.

Vetting Drivers

We not only select the best transportation supplier, but we also vet the luxury vehicle chauffeurs to be part of the “Hello! Dream Team.” These chauffeurs are recommended by field staff that see them and work with them on a daily basis. In our Hello! Florida (Central) office, once selected, the chauffeurs even attend an orientation session where we review the expectations for being part of our dream team. Rude drivers for your VIPs? Not on our watch.

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Transportation Can Be Designed, Too!

Sometimes it’s not so cut-and-dry, and even if it is, there are always efficiencies to be found. We will look at the manifest as a whole and break it out in various ways to give our clients options for pricing and service. The account manager is aware of the entire program and gets familiar with the guest names on the manifest. They understand the entire scope of the program and can quickly help with any last-minute needs. Conversely, customer service lines need specific reservation numbers to assist callers and don’t know the nuances of the full program.

Established Relationships

Not only do our established relationships with transportation suppliers mean synergy between our respective teams, but they’re very often willing to work with us on special pricing as one of their trusted clients.

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Ready to put our expertise and supplier relationships to work for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to start designing your next transportation experience in any of our over 35 destinations nationwide!