Asking for a Las Vegas-themed celebration without showgirls and gambling is like asking for a Nashville-themed event without country and cowboy hats—it CAN be done! (yes, we said “can”). Our imaginations are limitless, and one of our favorite things is to design out-of-the-box events to create a familiar feeling in a fresh, creative way. Need an example? So happy you asked.

Music City Bling

Our client, one of the world’s largest producers of oral hygiene products, wanted people to feel like they were in Nashville but with a modern twist that harkened to the “new” Nashville. The group told us they loved the lounge arrangements throughout their recently renovated host resort—Renaissance Nashville—and asked us to combine this with local accents while highlighting the company’s signature color. “I called one of our favorite suppliers and we had a collaborative brainstorming session, sharing what I envisioned with the bar and how I wanted to offset that and use their awesome oversized ottomans,” says Hello! Nashville Event Designer Angelica Clark.

Music City Bling Truck Bar Hello! Destination Management

Using modern furniture that was inspired from the aesthetics of the Renaissance, the event featured a fun hospitality lounge look topped off with an Edison Bulb feature and corrugated metal back bars with rustic bars and a custom marquee sign. The Edison Bulbs were such a favorite that the team put it in the front of the room to create a focal point.

Edison Bulb and Seating Collage Hello! Destination Management

“The corrugated metal combined with the ‘Restoration Hardware’ chandeliers amidst the modern furniture is what made the perfect balance,” Clark explains. “Without the modern twist of the glass tables, chic chairs, and Edison bulbs, the aesthetics would have looked too country,” she says.

Cowboy Pop

Cowboy Pop Neon Cowboys Hello! Destination Management

Hello! Texas Executive Producer/Department Director Aaron T. Tharp loves surprising clients with his creative design. “Everyone has this ‘idea’ of what they think Dallas is—that it’s nothing but cowboys on horseback and tumbleweeds—but that perception couldn’t be further from the truth,” he says. Dallas is unlike any other city in Texas: fashionable, modern, and sexy with a touch of country.

Cowboy Pop Poster Collage Hello! Destination Management

“Imagine if John Wayne and Andy Warhol planned an event…that’s what Cowboy Pop is all about,” Tharp continues. Rustic touches with pops of neon color bought the cowboy theme to life in an unexpected way.

Cowboy Pop Steer and Roper Hello! Destination Management

Using Pop Art Western graphics, UV Reactive Neon living cowboy statues, LED trick ropers, and colorful skulls hung on reclaimed wood walls, this event let guests live like a true Dallas native: bright and self-expressive with a POP of independence.

A Vegas Hangover

A Vegas Hangover Entrance Hello! Destination Management

In our initial meetings, the client stressed the importance of their annual conference’s costume party and its meaning for the company. With this being their first time in Las Vegas, they wanted a Vegas-centric concept that would allow guests to bring about their own creativity and include relatable material with a comedic undertone. It was decided that the thematic concept would be “Hangover Las Vegas;” a nod to the fun and relatable content of the wildly popular movie “The Hangover.”

A Vegas Hangover Collage 1 Hello! Destination Management

“We began envisioning how we could bring ‘Hangover Las Vegas’ to life with decorative elements, engaging activations, and themed entertainment that would provide a fun experience to rival that of the movie,” said Hello! Las Vegas Senior Producer/Event Designer Patrick Peel. The team zeroed in on bringing four areas of the film to life: Caesar’s Palace Garden, the dentist’s office, the tiger bathroom scene, and the wedding chapel. A variety of Vegas-themed lounge areas were also woven throughout so guests could take ownership of their own storyline within the vignettes. The event was held at The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool; a spectacular space that offered unobstructed, multi-level views of the Las Vegas strip…perfect for elevating our guests’ authentic Vegas experience.

A Vegas Hangover Pool Hello! Destination Management

The expression for each of the vignettes depended on both the big and small details in order to bring them to life. Each vignette combined customized décor, activations, entertainment, and lighting to transport guests into the “scene.” We also worked with The Cosmopolitan to design food and bar service that played into each of the themed areas for an immersive experience.

A Vegas Hangover Collage 2 Hello! Destination Management

Everything went so well that the client decided to extend the party on-site for an additional hour—something they’d never done before! In speaking with the client during the evening they expressed how they had never experienced such a dynamic costume party and that we had outdone ourselves in making this an EPIC event for their company.

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