So… Just what is a Destination Management Company anyway?

Google the term DMC and you’ll find these acronyms on Urban Dictionary: Deep Meaningful Conversation, Designated Moral Compass, Devastating Mic Control, and several more unmentionable meanings. But for those in the meetings and events industry, DMC stands for Destination Management Company. Even that term is not entirely clear, since it sounds like DMCs promote or manage the destinations themselves. Because there’s so much uncertainty for those new to the industry, here at Hello! we’d like to help you out with a nice clear explanation.

According to our industry association, ADMEI, a DMC is a "professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics." As one of the world’s top 25 DMCs (as named by Special Events Magazine), Hello! offers these services at our 7 locations across the USA. But this list is anything but exhaustive, there’s much more to the story. Let’s break it down and explain what a DMC does for each of the categories above, shall we?


In the DMC world, this broad term usually refers to thing like awards dinners, sales conferences, theme parties, welcome receptions and the like. Hello! always considers the overall meeting objective and guest profile when creating each event. Since no two groups are alike, each event must take on its own special identity. We specialize in creating this "event experience" through innovative design and flexibility.

Activities & Tours

A DMC assists in selecting the appropriate activity and then customizing the itinerary to work within the group’s program agenda. We manage the transportation, advance the venues and coordinate food and beverage, etc.


Destination Management Companies typically fulfill all exclusive ground transportation needs for groups. This includes the management of arrival and departure manifests, scheduling of the appropriate vehicles, staff, radios, signage, porterage, etc. Hello! provides constant information to the registration desk and the bell staff to ease the arrival and departure process at the hotel. For off-site group transfers, we work closely with the hotel and meeting planner to determine loading and unloading areas, vehicle staging areas, passenger flow, and the potential impact on other groups at the hotel. Our goal is a smooth transportation experience for all.

Program Logistics

That’s a broad term, isn’t it? Here are a couple of examples of how Hello! Destination Management handles program logistics for our meeting planner clients and guests:

Dine-Around Services: Responsibly managing the logistics of a dine-around can be daunting. Research and restaurant recommendations, site inspections, confirmation and re-confirmation of reservations, menu’s and pricing, advances and introductions, and payment procedures are all handled flawlessly with Hello!’s experience.

Golf Events: From tee times to full service golf tournaments, Hello! will manage transportation, negotiate greens fees, arrange box lunches, provide golf amenities, and more.

Teambuilding: Hello! creates an experience through a custom designed event, which will ensure that the client achieves its corporate goals, and that each individual is motivated to stand out from the crowd.

Off Site Events: Working with the hotel, a DMC identifies the night(s) when the client is going off-property. They then provide the best options given the group’s requirements, negotiate with the venue, and plan all of the logistics including transportation, staff, etc.

So that’s the basics, the nuts and bolts of what a Destination Management Company does every day. Of course, within and beyond this framework there are a myriad of other elements that Hello! takes care of to ensure that our clients and guests enjoy a smooth and productive event experience. Check out part two of this story to find out what makes Hello! DIFFERENT from other Destination Management Companies!