Technology is constantly advancing and changing…we’re adapting, updating, scrolling, and linking people and devices we could’ve never imagined. We can now search endlessly for anything with just a few key strokes or a quick swipe of a finger. At the pace that technology is advancing, it’s our passion and duty to innovate and stay current with the latest trends and services for our clients. Ready to see our top three tech trends in events? Let’s go!

Leave Your Guests MarveLED

LED Girls

LED lighting’s light weight, superior brightness, and low power consumption allows them to be extremely versatile for many decorative uses. Incorporating LED into your décor gives your event the futuristic feel without breaking the budget. This technology can be implemented in almost any aspect; LED entrances, tables, dance floors, and even LED Logo Dress Girls can enhance your event with custom branding and design. Want to really stun your guests? Consider this 12-foot LED Peacock Tail that’s not only a beautiful show-stopper but can also feature words and logos thanks to its smart technology.

LED Peacock
LED can also be incorporated into interactive events, such as the Bike Across America Mileage Tracker. It uses LED to provide a visual representation of how far your guests have biked. Are your guests determined enough to bike across the country? The LED poles, powered by the bikes, will show them just how far they’ve travelled!

LED Bike

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Photo Booth

Instagramable moments have become high priority for clients. Having a takeaway, even if it’s digital, is a great way for guests to keep a lasting memory. We like to stay ahead of the tech trends and keep things fresh by finding innovative ways for guests to make these photo memories. Everyone’s heard of a photo booth, but have you heard about the SloMo Lounge? Guests can take short 4-10 second videos with a professional camera that are played back in full, high definition, super slow motion to create fun and memorable videos. Using props such as confetti, bubbles, and balloons, guests can create exciting keepsakes they’ve never had before.

If slow motion isn’t fast enough for you, how about kicking it up a notch and going full view instead? This 360-degree selfie photo booth lets you catch your good side while also capturing all the excitement around you. The rotating stage allows you to pose effortlessly while creating a complete 360 effect.


The sky’s no longer the limit! During an evening star gazing activity, new photo technology now enables guests to use their own smart phones to take out-of-this-world pictures. Guests will get a chance to see the moon and stars up close using these giant telescopes, and if the timing is right, they might even get to see the rings of Saturn! Not able to navigate the stars? An enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will help guests understand just what they’re seeing and how special it is.

Turn Fantasy into (Virtual) Reality

VR Man

With virtual reality (often referred to as VR), guests can immerse themselves in new worlds and experience exhilarating thrills from anywhere! With a 360-degree motion chair and virtual reality headset, guests will not only
see themselves flying down roller coaster ramps but
feel every twist and turn they take. Or put them in the driver’s seat of a Formula One car and let them feel the Gs of the tight hairpins. Guests can even take a stroll on an alien planet and explore never-before-seen terrain. The possibilities are endless and will be sure to leave guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When it’s over, they can stand by the green screen and leave with a photo. The fun is more than just for the person in the chair though; other guests get to witness the action on screens around the attraction. FOMO much? Guests can show their friends what they’re missing out on by sharing the recorded VR experience with a 360-degree video directly to social media, further increasing your company’s exposure and interaction with your brand.

Need help keeping up with the tech savvy trends? Contact us and we’ll be happy to make sure you never miss a version 2.0!